Favourite Weapon Manufacturer?

Bandit, Torgue, Maliwan, Tediore, Hyperion, Jakobs, Vladof or Dahl?

I would choose Tediore for the fast reloafd time and the reload effect.

Well I’m still just at level 18, but so far…
-I’d like Jakobs more if the “shoot as fast as you can pull tirgger” concept didn’t get countered by high recoil. I definetly like Jakobs weapons anyway. Btw I kinda regret that my A4Tech mice died few weeks ago, didn’t have opportunity to actually exploit for the first time it’s “3bullet burst” button. Borderlands 2 so far is the only game where I see it having some use.
-At this point I think that my favourite manufacturer is Vladof. I play with Zer0 and Vladof snipers are my favourites.

What a difficult question…I absolutely love Hyperion, Jakob’s, and Maliwan. But then I’m excluding Torgue and Vladof. Impossible to answer with just one!

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I love all of them. The gun manufacturers in Borderlands have more personality than characters in most other games. But my all time favourite has to be Tediore. The idea of a single-use disposable weapon is so stupid and awesome at the same time. This feature gives Tediore guns more versatility since they essentially have two modes of operation. The whole ‘‘family friendly’’ and ‘‘space Wal-Mart’’ theme is also hilarious.

I will give honorable mentions to Dahl and Bandit. Dahl produces the best looking weapons and I love the misspelled names of Bandit weapons.

Depends on the game, in BL2 I prefer Hyperion, but in TPS, I’m more of a fan of Torgue


Jakobs, followed by Torgue as a close second.

Jakobs, Vladof, Dahl, Hyperion.
Also the only manufactures I make use of to some extend (some notable exceptions are the Flakker, Storm, Black Hole).

The gimmicks that I like are Jakobs and Dahl ones but I do use a lot of Maliwan gear when playing as Gaige.
Torgue makes awesome guns too, I always have a DPUH and a Flakker in the backpack to use against bosses.