Faye Zlok: Apprentice Killer

So I started a new Siren for some reason, and i’ve decided she’s going to be an only-found-guns kind of playthrough, where normally I grab low level stuff from previous playthroughs to use. Also figured it’d be pretty fun to open it up to you guys to give me challenges to do throughout this playthrough!

Currently she’s level 4, and is just heading for Midgemong via my normal trip to Ebonfloe.

EDIT: Now level 7, almost 8. Just killed Boom and Bewm, and got my first drop :smiley:


Not sure if I should bother posting here still, maybe nobody cares :smiley:

sure there are people interested.
Some chronicle their adventures here,

others will look for other players Here,

not sure what you play on so just posted for what console I play on Xbox 1

you should at least edit or post a reply here to let people know,

  1. the console you play on
  2. your gamer tag, so they can contact you

and that Bonus package is a good drop and will take you a fairway into the game before it starts getting weak. I have had a few drop that low , usually between levels 4 thru 8 on NVHM

and if your not sure where to post something, the moderators are very helpful, and can even move your post to the appropriate area if asked.

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Oh yeah don’t worry, the nature of what I wrote wasn’t really platform specific is all hence why I didn’t say. I’m on Xbox One :slight_smile:

that was why I added the one link where people talk about where they took their toons on their last adventure

mainly asked for this, in case someone was wanting to join in to your game,

Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the links and tips :slight_smile:

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Update time. Currently level 12, around 23% of the bar to go until 13. Just about to head to Bloodshot Stronghold, I cheated a little bit and got a Bad Touch, which I know technically isn’t a ‘found’ gun but I needed something corrosive to help at the end. I got a pretty nice version, parts wise.

Heading there with these weapons, also have a crappy Jakobs Shotgun that i’ll probably not use.


I care. more pics of shiny’s please. :blush:

Righto :slight_smile: I got through that unscathed, this Gwen’s Head is something else! Never used one before. Probably going to seem like a real noob here but i’ve always kind of hated the Warden fight, on the first playthrough. Getting that shield down is always a nightmare, unless of course you’re using a NON-ELEMENTAL Gwen’s Head…


I don’t use it. I don’t care for that split it has. it’s off-putting imo.

I guess I just kinda like Dahl unique pistols. Loved the hornet forever, never bothered with GH for that reason, but promised myself no farming on this Siren so I just have to use what drops or I find in machines at the time i’m there!

EDIT: I don’t include the Dahlminator in that statement…

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I think that is awesome. I look forward to tracking your progress. remember, I like shiny stuff. so, if you encounter anything good, please post a pic. :smile:[quote=“Vinterbris, post:11, topic:1559382”]
Loved the hornet forever,

still do. that gun is sweet. Love the burst fire when ADS.

Will do! By find in machines when i’m there, I mean no reloading to farm it or whatever, but if I see something sweet when I look first time, i’m allowed to grab it :slight_smile: that’s where I got the blue Dandy Snider!

not bad. Jakobs grip. :+1:

This is going to be a completely honest thread, so I have to admit I just got my first Fight for your Life, fighting Madame Von Bartlesby.

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I would expect nothing less from a community member. :wink:

haha of course! But I know these videos these people put up have sneaky parts removed to make them look cooler! I know i’m bad and don’t mind sharing it :sunglasses:

Not really ‘shiny’ but it’s the best thing i’ve got in a while, grabbed it for future loader assistance.

I know the grip sucks but I can’t quest reward farm on this character so I have to take what the game gives me!

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Upon returning to Sanctuary after Wilhelm, I did my single check of all the machines, and found this from Marcus himself:

Not great but considering I don’t currently hold an AR, it gives me another option for emergencies.

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That’s only in TPS if I remember correctly.

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@Kurtdawg13 You asked for shiny, well I just went through WEP and killed the midgets, and got this: