Fearless vs. Innervate on Sniper Zer0

Title says it all. Which skill is more useful?

Playstyle: Hang all the way back with Pimpernels while using the Grog Nozzle / Chain Lightning for healing.

Also using: Blockade (Antagonist for gun-heavy maps), Legendary Sniper / Killer COM, and Maliwan Allegiance Relic (FR / Reload)

Build currently looks like this.


I would take Innervate over Fearless any day. You want to be in Deception more often than you want to have your shield down. And if your using Pimps, then Grim will make it so Fearless won’t get any use unless you’re in FFYL.


I’d also go with Inervate.
Also, I would move some points from Kill confirmed (leave one to get the COM bonus) and go pick Followthrough. Together with Inervate, the increased movement speed helps tremendously in picking a better position, which is kind of a big deal with Sniper Zero (to say nothing of the damage boost)

Another thing: you should probably get rid of Two Fangs: it throws your aim off, so the 2nd bullet will usually be off target, and you can’t afford to waste Sniper bullets.

I’d go with something like this instead:

Close Chuck but no cigar.

Yeah I would definetly go with Innervate. It’s much more usefull than fearless, especially in a pimp centered build (I play a build with Legendary Hunter and Innervate as my only means of healing and I work around OP8 just fine).

Also for the build I would recommend something like this This one right here

Wait… you’d rather have 1 extra point in OSOK than 6 points in Kill confirmed ? (Remember, OP uses Leg. Sniper)

Yeah, especially with a Pimpernel. I don’t really spend that much time with ADS, especially to get the full bonus from Kill C0nfirmed. Besides it’s bonus damage is pretty low compared with the rest of the skills. So yeah, even with Legendary Sniper, I prefer putting points in skills I actually use more than that one.
You really don’t need Kill C0nfirmed for nothing.

So…advice for the OP is… Use my build suggestion if he ADS sometimes, and yours if he doesn’t ?

They’re otherwise completely identical anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Nah, there’s no benefit in using Kill C0nfirmed even if he ADS for as long as it takes to reach full bonus (and it is a lot).
You get more from putting points in other skills (F0ll0wtr0ugh, 0S0K) than having a single point in there.

Really, you won’t get any decent damage buff with it.

Seriously, it’s kinda useless

And it’s unusable with Decepti0n

Don’t use it.

@Chuck80 @DarthSpiderDen

Guys, guys, guys… We’re arguing about the wrong thing. The REAL question is…

Why doesn’t he have the cool shock explosion from Unf0rseen? :stuck_out_tongue:

Unforseen is by far my favorite Zero skill, honest.

Sadly, it doesn’t scale well at all in UVHM…let alone in OP levels.

Otherwise, I would SOOOO play a Spy build over anything else.

@DarthSpiderDen alright, fair enough :smile:
…Not that it changes much about it, but…did you know you can the full bonus from KC by rapidly tapping ADS a few times ? about one second total to get all stacks. :slight_smile:

Since you answered the question seriously, I’m going to guess that I fail at comic relief…

It’s a shame really. It would fit very nicely with some gun builds that use Execute.

Also Chuck. I actually didn’t know that but point stands that it’s too much work for a small additive bonus that you’re better off putting on something else.

Aw man… sorry, I fail at sarcasm

But for real: Unforseen REALLY is my favorite Zero skill, I just wish it would scale properly…

I played through all normal and all TVHM almost without shooting anything… just Kunais, execute, Unforseen, singularity grenades, a Spy COM and a shock relic…good times

Why didn’t they give every skill like that and half of Maya’s cata tree the same thing the gave to Krieg’s skill ? (a straight x6 damage bonus in UVHM) …that would have solved everything!

It’s okay man, we have B0re so we cans insta-kill Hyperious with pretty much any weapon (that can proc B0re) at any level.

And Critical Ascension that’s basically the most powerfull skill in the entire game.


Doesn’t stop me from throwing a point into the skill just for the hell of it :P.

A bit off topic now, but in the BL1 section there is a thread of everything wrong with BL1 that would be cool to have fixed for a BL1 remaster, ranging from bugs to mechanic improvements to balance changes. I wonder what a BL2 version of that would look like…

We should make “Wishfull-thinking” builds :stuck_out_tongue:

Builds that don’t work, but totally would assuming some small difference in the game, or some broken skill fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s too easy:

  • Replace points from Fearless into Unf0rseen in all builds that have those
  • Actually spec into Resurgence to have actual healing from melee strikes (and avoiding Moxxie weapons) on melee builds
  • Doing those hybrid builds but this time Be Like Water actually boosts your damage
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Salvador: Fix I’m the juggernaut to give 20% damage resist per level instead of 4% (just that completely fixes the Brawn tree)

Maya: Make cloudkill actually do something, multiply by 6 the damage of helios, backdraft and Ruin

Zero: x6 damage to Unforseen, make Like the wind useful, make resurgence actually work

Axton: No clue

Gaige: Make stacking anarchy less of a drag

Krieg: Krieg is well done IMO

That’s it for skills

Hybrid build
Generic Sniper/gun build
Melee build

Just a few examples

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Resurgence should give health back on hit (for example 50% of any melee hit) instead of up to 20% on kill. That would completely fix it and remove the need for using Moxxie weapons at all (except shield stripping)

Edit: before anyone says that some of those builds everyone already uses them it’s because we don’t actually have many options as to where to put the points in, so it kinda goes to some “useless” skills in the end. Assume that the broken ones there are fixed which will improve the build severalfold.

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