Fearless vs. Innervate on Sniper Zer0

My dream build would have Unforseen scaled properly, and the Spy COM have Inervate instead of Velocity as a skill

I would spec like this, roughly:

I would carry a coach gun, slag rapier, a slag singularity, shock bone, purple Spy COM with +5 Unforseen, probably an antagonist and a few other guns, mostly shotguns and snipers since the build will be light on ammo.

Playstyle would be Deception, Kunai, either execute or shotgun surprise as fast as possible, take advantage of 3 different sources of cooldown bonus (COM, relic and Grim), deception as soon as possible, stay mobile (and fast, thanks to 9/5 Inervate and 5/5 Followthrough) let inervate heal between the visible bits… frantic, fast… I would love it.

…man, that would be great! :blush:

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Axton: x6 damage to turret (including Scorched Earth and maybe Nuke), make Laser Sight more useful, remove grenade damage resistance of enemies such as constructors

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Thanks again for all the input, you guys. Very much appreciated.

The FR boost from Two Fang and the Maliwan relic allows me to comfortably use a Barking Pimp over a Banbury without missing the prefix. The aim is indeed thrown off, but I find that the pros outweigh the cons, particularly when facing human enemies and loaders. (aim for the DICK) Plus I rarely use Lyudas and I’ve gotten pretty good at scavenging for ammo, so I’m not as worried about my reserves. But I will admit that I do run dry sometimes. -_-

Maybe I’ll still leave one point for the Leg. Sniper bonus, but I can see where you’re coming from. Especially if you’re up against a big mob, if things get really heated KC won’t be used as much. But once again, I hang back as far as possible before engaging enemies, which gives me 5 seconds to ADS without worrying about being rushed. Against certain melee enemies it’s probably a total loss (especially creatures), but with gun enemies keeping their distance and slower-moving enemies (ROUS, Anchorman, etc) you can make some use from this skill IMO.

Can you imagine if Laser Sight had the option to work like Wilhelm’s Laser Guided?

Can you imagine if laser guided did anything at all ?

Oh man that would be awesome indeed. Damnit Chuck, now I want it badly…
Zer0 is the greatest character ever created.

Also for Axton: the best thing to give the turret would be damage according to Axton’s own base damage at the moment of deployment. And also removing laser sight and giving, I don’t know, maybe 2x fire rate to the turret.


The Turret does enough damage already. The only thing that needs a boost is Nuke and maybe adjust its element to explosive instead of fire. It would be nice if the Nuke was boosted by grenade damage, a proper capstone for explosive builds.

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Major overhaul of the basic mechanic that would make the game easier to understand:

Remove the explosive “element”.

As far as element matching is concerned, NE and explosive are very similar. All explosive weapons have splash and a term needs to be used to distinguish between splash and bullets.

Just use “explosive” and “explosion” as terms to describe splash.

Torgue guns would be NE with explosive damage (splash) added.

All grenades would deal “explosive” damage, by virtue of being grenades, be it a fire explosion, a shock explosion or a normal explosion.

The distinction between NE and explosive is useless as there is no NE splash, and without the splash, the bullets would perform about the same anyway.

Guns with splash would have the text “deal bonus explosive damage”, which would be true no matter the element of the gun.

Skills that boost “grenade damage” could have “increase explosion damage” instead. It would be clearer for everyone. One less element to keep track of, only 2 damage types possible (bullets and explosion) and the game would play 95% the same.

The benefit of using explosive guns (like Torgue) would be the same as using NE guns: higher base damage… You wouldn’t have to change anything to make them worthwhile, as the game already makes NE guns more powerful.


Awesome off-topic right here and now. I love this community.


Nuke’s damage is fine provided you slag the enemies first. Also it deals explosive on impact and burn dots afterwards.

doesn’t Krieg have a few useless damage skills in UVHM like orange juice spit and the dynamite chuck

Only in the OP levels. I use LtF at 72 OP0 and it works just fine on non-badass enemies.

I don’t think this was actually meant to be damaging, I think it was just meant to light someone on fire to ignite yourself in a pinch. However, it’s role is still done better by everything else, so yeah, it is worthless.

The orange juice spit is pretty much useless but the dynamite chuck can be usefull in co-op since he gains a considerable movement speed in fight for your life, making it easier for your allies to pick you up. Also you throw dynamite while laughing like a maniac, it’s awesome in of itself.

It can also backfire, there are times I see him running around so either I don’t think to red him, or I miss reading him and phaselock an enemy instead.

I mean you do have a character who can revive you with a ball in your general direction, does it really need to be easier?

Does every co-op team come with that member?
Also Derch you suck at aiming and that Krieg sucks at standing still, it’s a bad combo.

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I dont know, really. For an one hit capstone I think it is really bad. In my opinion, Scorched Earth is a lot better as damage source.
Also, sorry for the bad info about Nuke elemental damage. I dont remember the last time I have used it, to be honest.

While I don’t think the turret DPS is necessarily bad, it’s just not something you can rely on at higher levels like a lot of people did in Normal and TVHM. Granted, it does teach you not to be lazy and let the turret(s) do all the work, but it is a big turnoff to many players.

It would of been nice for gearbox to go back and give turrets, DT, and many or all of the rank skills the same UVHM buff that kriegs skills got.


Not all the time but its happened enough