Fearmonger farming

Where have you people got the shotgun fearmonger. Have been farming in the dlc the whole time.
Have heard some have got it outside the dlc.

All new legenadrys drop from loot ghost, badass ghost and captain hunt

I got it from proving grounds. Loot ghost.

I’ve got mine yesterday from a loot ghost in the family jewel (Voracious canopy) where you can easily farm the dinosours for ectoplasm.
There are always multiple badass ghosts there and occasionally a loot ghost.
The ghosts seem to be your best bet for getting the bloody harvest legendaries because so far captain haunt only drops regular legendaries for me.

I had one that wasn’t even a terror anoited… drop in Althea…it’s next two magazines are radiation…and it was the fire fearmonger…best drop I’ve found for it so far!

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I’ve gotten 2 fearmongers, the sniper, a shield and a grenade from Haunt so far but I’ve killed him quite a bit. My friend can only seem to get regular legendaries from him.

Seems to be the luck of the draw with some swearing by ghosts, others by Haunt.

Just had one drop from Haunt in TVHM/MM3

@hans_petter_witt. Are you on Xbox? I’ll sort you out with acid and fire fearmongers. :smiley:

I got one from the level where you get the gungun in that varkid type nesting area. Wait no, the level after at the beginning before the Maliwan outpost. Red and yellow skulls are your friends

No sorry, i am on ps4