FEATURE: Adding a help request during battle

Sorry if I’m in the wrong section. :hushed:

What I mean is that it will let a team player request help from their teammates when they are in trouble or trying to push. I usually play with my friends and sometimes they end up telling me they need back up. It could be a nice feature for players who play with random people too.

Thoughts ?

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to have simple quick messages, like push, defend, help etc etc. Maybe they are just banking on people using the VOIP though

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There’s a “ping” feature in the control scheme (click down on the right stick on controller), which appears to be a simple alert system. Only discovered this after it was too late to try it out though, so I really don’t know what it does/did/will do…

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@VaultHunter101 Honestly, its not very noticeable, I used it often in my solo games but it didn’t do much for my teammates. Probably just a lack of teamwork thing but it could be a lot better visually.