Feature Not Available Error - Cannot Do Anything But Play Prologue

I have had Battleborn on disc since May of last year, IIRC. I never had this problem when I used to play it, but I stopped playing for a long time. I’m not sure when I last played, the best guess I have is summer or early fall of last year.

In October-ish, my PS4 was having a lot of problems, so I backed up all of my data to online storage and reinitialized, which fixed everything. I reinstalled Battleborn after that, but (again, IIRC) did not play until now.

Now wherever I try to play any game mode except prologue or access my match history, I get this “Feature not available, all required content has not finished downloading” error. Obviously everything HAS finished downloading, so I don’t know what the problem is. I tried deleting Battleborn and reinstalling it (making 110% sure that it was COMPLETELY installed) but it has yielded no results.

I want to get back into this game, but I literally can’t. Help would be much appreciated!

Your best bet is probably to submit a support ticket:


The link is just below the “Battleborn” title.

Thank you for the link, I have submitted a ticket. Hopefully this can be resolved soon.