[Feature Request] Addition to MAD-States

Hey Dev’s, I’m sure you all have a lot on your plates but I was wondering if it would be possible for you to make some additions to the madstate file? Specifically the ability to start an animation as, or better yet, just before, a ship fires. It would also be great to be able to animate a resource and to play an animation when a collector docks and starts collecting and another when it finshes collecting.

I was also wondering it was possible to add the ability to animate a ships scale with a MAD animation?

I’m hoping to be able to make a ship spit when it fires, with the model expanding and contracting as it fires. I’d also like to be able to animate a resource to have a hanger which closes when collecting starts and opens when collecting finishes.



Shadow BattleCrab launching fighters perhaps ?..

There are so many things that could be animated.

-Acceleration, deceleration (animated wings).
-Special attack (animated special weapon pods).
-Other special abilities (boost, sensor Ping…)
-CodeRed1 - CodeRed# (custom animation for different weapon types on a single ship. I actualy wanted that one at one point).
-. . .


Oh. You’ve reminded me. I also wanted to ask if it was possible to pass how the ship is moving to the MAD state? I’d love to be able to play an animation based on if a ship is accelerating, braking, rotating, etc.

Well yeah, that’s what I meant.

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I really hope I haven’t scared the devs away with this post. :smiley: