Feature request: Integrate Battleborn Tap into the Steam version, so we can Tap while we Queue

I’ve sorted my gear, I’ve looked at taunts. Time to get me thinking about Battleborn while I’m playing Battleborn. Battleborn tap is a great idle game, and would fit quite well integrated in so you can play it while waiting for matches.

Keep players busy while queued equals more people staying in queue, equals better experience for all players!

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Neat idea, but it would be a considerable amount of work to port the game, as it uses a different OS. Would probably require being rebuilt from the ground up.

Or use of some sort of virtual device?

Really like the idea-i would prefer better MM solution but as its highly unlikely Tap would feel like a breath of fresh air while we wait.

Can’t you just use your phone/pad while you wait? That’s what I do.

Well what we need is just more players playing Battleborn to join the queues. I said right from the launch of Battleborn that Tap should be on Steam.

Since then I have played Clicker Heroes on Steam instead and now have 1546 hours played on Clicker Heroes.

I would like to hope to put about the same amount of time into Battleborn Tap if it were on Steam.