Feature Request: Marking Skins and Taunts as "favorites."

TL;DR version:. Can we please mark certain skins and taunts as favorites so they appear first at the character select screen.

Okay, so stop me if this is in the Winter Update and I just completely missed it. We happy few that play Battleborn frequently have become very skin rich. And with at least seven more skins per character coming our way, our wardrobes are going to be filled to bursting. Our taunt lists are also growing rather robust as well.

Setting a taunt as a default is a great feature, most of us find one or two taunts for our main BBs that just clicks, and we’re on our way. I mean, what’s the point of playing Whisky if you don’t use Tea Ceremony, am I right?

However, setting a default skin is very nice, but sometimes you just don’t want to use it. It also changes the BB’s aperances in the menus and I think I speak for at least one other lore nazi when I say that just doesn’t do.

Is there any way we can get the ability to mark a skin or taunt as a favorite, so when it comes time to select one before a game, we don’t have to go searching and shuffling for them? Up to a maximum of, say, six. That way they all show up on the front page.

It’s a minor convenience, I admit. It would still be a convenience, tho. It might also help alleviate waiting for someone taking an irritatingly long time to decide what to wear.

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Wait… I thought if you simply equip a taunt, it’ll show up as default in the character select screen?

You can mark a single skin and taunt as default by going into the appropriate Battleborn’s Appearance page.

The taunt will show up as the first to be picked, the skin will be just to the right of the default skin in the character select.

Unless things work differently on different platforms … (I’m on PS4 for reference.)

That said, marking “favorites” would allow you to put more than just one skin up top (though there really aren’t enough taunts to need to mark more than one, in my opinion.)

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marking them as default on the character screen works the same way on PC


I’m not sure why the skin isn’t the first to be selected anymore (they changed that in some update)

I’d like a revert so our skin and taunt were the first ones to show up

I will only ever need one favourite taunt, and that’s ‘Levity’. :wink:

As for skins, because there are more than taunts, (with even more to come with the Winter Update) having a ‘favourites’ option wouldn’t be a bad idea. However, don’t forget about that UI update too. It’s changing the way the character select is displayed and it might make it easier to find the customisation options you’re looking for. We’ll just have to see I guess.

Setting a single, default favorite has been in since before launch. You go to that character’s screen, make sure the skin or taunt you want is the currently highlighted one with your cursor over it, and hit the ‘F’ key, if I recall correctly.

As for stack ranking them in an order other than alphabetic, that could be a time saver, but I’m not sure how high that UI change would be in priority, or how difficult it would be.

But sure, it would be nice. =)