Feature Request. Mobile Armory and trade

For reals. Been wanting to make this post for a while but I’m lazy. And busy.


So yeah, a new Borderlands feature that allows us to access our characters bank and mail and receive items from the comfort of our mobile device.

I’m a busy(lazybusy) dad with 2 jobs. I’m actually on these forums more than the game these days. How cool would it be to complete trades and transactions without having to be at home and logged in on my system.

Then when I do get logged in I wanna play, not spend my evening mailing and trading. I could just do that from mobile now!

And like it or not, with so many variables, especially on classmods and such, trading is a YUGE part of this game for progression minded players.

Doo eet Gearbox! Just don’t break the game somehow when you introduce it.:thinking:


Really waiting on a companion app at least to see i have anything for trade. Now if we could get one to trade on top of that would be amazing!

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