Feature Request - New Respec "Mode" Idea

Currently when we respec, it clears off ALL skills. This should be an option available after you enter ‘respec mode’ (maybe ‘Triangle’).

What respec mode would be is instead of clearing out all of your skills, instead you can - / + skills off one at a time, and then place them where you want.

Such as ‘Square’ to remove one skill point, and then ‘X’ to rre-add it one at a time elsewhere.

Then Holding “X” to confirm all choices to accept your respec and finalize it.

This would be useful if you want to make small changes / adjustments without having to reallocate everything.


I’ve thought of this before. Would be nice to actually rearrange instead of clear skills. So hit respec but instead just move points, subtract and add them as needed. 100 % agree.


Bingo! You got the gist! :slight_smile:

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It has always seemed weird to me that re-spec’ing your character was linked to a physical location on the map.


Hmm idk. You can mostly take points from below away and not from the top. I’m sure that could cause many bugs.

You know; you bring up a good point on that.

To compensate for not losing out on top hy taking from the bottom; this might have to be accomplished via a “Swap” skill alternative; so that doesn’t become a concern.

Other than that I don’t know if there’s another way.

Just lock skills that have anything lower down in the tree. So if you have 5 points in tier 1 (the top), and 3 in tier 2, you can’t remove any from tier 1 of that tree, until you remove all the tier 2 ones.
Or if you add one point in tier 1, then you can remove one. So, say you level up, you’d add a point to tier 1, in a new skill, and then remove a point from the old skill, and repeat until you moved all the points from the old skill to the new one.

That is also how online skill tree planners work.

I do like it being like that. I wouldn’t mind respec machines being around in more locations but I really don’t want flipping your whole build around on the fly to become a thing and I’m glad that GBX doesn’t seem to either.

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@Lammas Maybe I misunderstood the initial post. I thought he was saying that you should be able to do this at any time, but re-reading it now, that might not be what they were saying.

I feel like there was a way in Skyrim to reset all your perks at any given time, so doing it this way would not be unprecedented. It’s been a long time since I played Skyrim though.

Maybe I misunderstood the initial post. I thought he was saying that you should be able to do this at any time, bur re-reading it now, that might not be what he was saying.

Yeah, just to keep things kinda simple was just saying when you use the respec machine. Not something that you can pause the game to make adjustments on the fly.

I suppose it adds a little bit to it when you have to make a little hike to it - which isn’t a biggie in the end. It makes going to Sanctuary a good re-supply / re-balance opportunity.

I don’t remember that being the case. There was a prestige system added at some point that allowed you to reset and re-level maxed skills and in the process reset perks of that particular skill. If there was a way to just start flipping your perks from one place to the other that would be after I was already done with the game but the prestige system also allows you to literally get every single perk in the game in every skill with the base game already allowing you to level every single skill to max if you so wish.

What would even be the point of having skill builds in BL at that point?

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Great reason why a Prestige system would be a no-go.

This idea wasn’t ever meant for additional skills beyond level 60 - just an idea to allow an easy re-assign / hot swap mechanic - avoiding a total tree clear.

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Yeah I get that and I’d agree that respeccing working more like how skill calculators do, allowing you to play around with them before locking them in, would be a good thing. Minor quality of life upgrade but a QOL upgrade anyway.

I do have to mention that I probably worded that last sentence poorly. It obviously wouldn’t mean BL3 would get more skill points or allow infinite leveling. Just that if you could just go to a menu at any point and switch points around then it’s effectively almost like having all skills selected at all times, which imo is absolutely no-no.
Besides I don’t want more menuing in my Borderlands anyway. BL3 has enough of that going on.

I wish we had a loadout system, where I could design and save builds to swap between. I don’t care whether it’s at the machine or from the Echo. The only reason we have to use the machine is to prevent us from having a mobbing build to reach the boss, then switching to a boss build before jumping into their arena.

As far as assigning points, I’d like to be able to put the points anywhere, in any order. The game can just disable any skills that don’t have enough preceding points, but then I could start with the capstones, or the key skills I know I want, then fill in the rest.

Whatever improvements they make to the system needs to include the ability to add and subtract points, at least until we close the echo or give us a confirmation option. I don’t know how many times I’ve dropped an extra point into a skill because of lag or because the menus get buggy after a while.

But first, they need to fix the split-screen bug that makes it impossible to assign points when the second player swaps characters. That’s been going for months and they haven’t even come close to acknowledging it, much less fixing it (or many other split-screen bugs).

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Hmm that would be a nice feature, but I think it would lead to massive bugs and exploits. As long as the AS cooldown bug is still present when respecing, Gbx ‘to do list’ should be long enough.
First priority bug fixes
second stability problems
third QoL changes

Hopefully :nerd_face: