Feature request: Sort by value, and also instant counters

As someone who picks up EVERYTHING (I’m working on it, but it’s a challenge) and spends a lot of time comparing sale values, to see what I should drop in order to pick up more, I would LOVE it if I could sort my loot by value. I know you can sort by rarity, but I always seem to keep odd bits of common gear that are situationally useful. I’d love to be able focus on values.

Also, when moving from item to item, the counter showing the loot’s value animates for a few seconds. This makes comparing inventory items take much longer than it needs to. As nice as this little animated effect is, if the counter transitions were instant–or if this was an option in Options–that would make my inventory management, which is one of my favorite parts of the series, SO much better.

Love the game otherwise!


I would like to add to this because your request reminded me of a related one I had on my mind: Add a “sort by newest” option. Helpful for when people pick up items for selling purposes, or they didn’t get a good enough look at it before they picked it up… Sometimes I put gear in the bank to make room for loot runs or to change build and would like a way to easily find them again. A “newest” sort option would be a great QoL addition.


Sort by level would be nice as well for those of us leveling multiple VHs.

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Great call, I also posted a separate thread where my real dream feature is a button to pick up loot and simultaneously auto-mark it as trash. Then I would never have to go in and sort later, but could still maximize profit.