[Feature Request] Universe_SlowDown()

If it’s not a lot of trouble, would it be feasible to also speed the game up using this or related function? I know of the SuperTurbo command line flag, but that obviously can’t be done in a game rule.

Not a big deal either way. Thanks.


You read my mind. I fully agree with that. Adding speed control (up and down-for me) to the game would be awesome. Devs, big pls consider this.

I was going write a similar request today, respectively I wanted ask experienced modders if is possible add a slider (for this function) to gaming screen, something I saw in coming rainbow mode from UI Master @Dwarfinator.

I use this function back in days (last year) but to LOWERING speed in some HW2RM mission for my better feeling from game (HW2 was always to rush for me), but I was not able add this to UI.
I use value 70-80% of normal speed. By the way value than 50% is to choppy due to engine tick rate.

Excuse please my faulty English, thanks.

EDIT: I try few test and even run HWRM with param -superTurbo followed by Universe_SlowDown(with lowest possible value) its faster than normal speed. The “-superTurbo” is just too super :slight_smile: (speed up ~60x or more).
Seems that the lowest value for Universe_SlowDown is around 0.032 i.e 3.2%. That slow down the game only ~31x. Anythings lowest just stop the game.
Accordingly (at least from my present knowledge) without devs intervention is impossible make even an MOD/Hack.

@BitVenom or other devs can you pls tell us your opinion or sugestion if is there the chance to do speed adjust by you? Maybe it is not main area of interest, but the desire to adjust the game speed is here since HW2 classic from many players. Sorry if I bother you and Thank you for your response.

@Mikali Sorry if I complicate your topic.

ahah, UI Master, seriously guys, you’re crazy ^^

Concerning the slider, I’m pretty sure it’s possible now.
Some of the functions were not available in ui scope in HW2, but it has changed in HWRm, with the use of MainUI_ScarEvent :slight_smile:

From my perspective you are definitely UI Master. :wink:
I post a new topic and ask for help.

Note that a slider for game speed will not work in multiplayer because one player can’t control the game for everyone.

Yeah, that seems logical. Did you see that I released it in the other thread by the way ?