[Feature Request/workaround found] Mod presets in HWR Launcher

I think we all here like to play HWR at least with one or two mods enabled so it would be nice if HWR Launcher had some way to save mod presets, or it could be an option box to remember at least last played mods set. If none of above can be done at least please tell me a way to create a custom shortcut to launch more than one mod with the main game.


The easiest way to make “presets” would be to create a shortcut to the game executable on your desktop and modify the command line arguments. To do this, browse to the game’s ‘Release’ folder in Windows Explorer (for HWRM, it would be:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Homeworld\HomeworldRM\Bin\Release

Right click and drag the .exe file (HomeworldRM.exe for HWRM) to your desktop and select “Create Shortcut here”.

Run the launcher, select the mods you want to load, launch the game, then quit out of the game. Look in the game’s Release folder for the HwRM.log file and open that in a text editor. Search for the “CmdLine:” line in the .log file. Copy everything after the “CmdLine:” to the clipboard. Then right click on the shortcut select properties and click on the “Target:” line. Hit the ‘End’ key to go to the very end of that line (after the closing double quote). Add a single space and then paste the CmdLine text you copied from the log file. Click “OK”.

Rename the shortcut to something your will remember (like the mod name) and then you can double click it to quickly launch the game with those mods.

If you want to run multiplayer, you should add “-mpbeta” to the “CommandLine Arguments” field in the launcher’s mod screen before launching the game.

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Thanks for the response, but I found a problem in that solution. Apparently Windows 7 does not allow to create shortcuts with too long targets, the limit seems to be 259 symbols. When I paste the log file section into the end of the target it gets cut off.

So here is my addition to your solution. Instead of creating a new shortcut I created a HW2mods.bat batch file near HomeworldRM.exe and applied arguments there:

And all what’s left to do is to create a nice looking shortcut to HW2mods.bat on the desktop :smile:

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