Feature requests: inventory, and steam maintenance

primary suggestion: inventory!

1: inventory gets full of ‘duplicate’ items pretty easily. two items
with the same name, same rarity, similar or same stats. how about an
option to auto-sell duplicates, or the ‘worse’ of two nearly identical
items? and if not, a way to single out the identical items easily, so we
can quickly pick which one to keep.

2: allow us to search inventory by stat modifier, so when plotting
our minmaxing, we can see which items we own that affect a certain stat,
even as a secondary.

3: more than 199 item limit please? yeah, ok, i’m a bit of a hoarder, but i
like having one of every unique item, and right now i’m at about 195
without having to sell any unique items. i would imagine a lot of
players are in the same boat as me.

4: in borderlands i loved the ability to buy back an item right away
if i accidentally sold it. maybe let us do that, even a 3 to 5 minute
grace time on buyback would be fine. (making it impossible to sell
one-time items like lore rewards would also be nice)

secondary suggestion: game stability
once a week (usually tuesday
afternoon/evening), valve does maintenance on their servers,
disconnecting most, if not all players from steam to do it. you may want
to look into a way to allow players -already in a game- to keep their
game going to its conclusion, if they lose connection to steam only. i
would understand limiting the ability to join new games while
disconnected, but to just boot your entire active playerbase at the same
time seems a little harsh.

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i’d love to hear some feedback or notes on these from the users and/or staff. especially other, similar ideas.
i also have an idea for a co op, wave based survival gametype, sort of like, tower defense/mann vs machine/sanctum2/dungeon defenders, but i might make a different thread once i hash the idea out better.