[Feature Suggestion] Adjustable Matchmaking Tolerances

So I’ve reached OP10 but what now?
I’ve got all this power and the only thing I can do is be matched with Digistruct grinding players trying to get their OP10, which frankly I’m sick of doing for awhile after grinding to OP10 myself.
Why can’t we adjust matchmaking tolerances?
1 or 2 settings to allow the adjustment of what matchmaking/the server browser is allowed to search for in terms of level ranges would breathe a ton of new life into the game and give us OP10s a reason to play further.

For example: 1 setting to allow the adjustment of the lowest level that the matchmaking/server browser would find, and perhaps another to set the highest level you would like to be able to join your session.

This would allow lowbies to get help from higher level players if they REALLY need help and it would allow us high levels to help out the lowbies so that we have reasons to excercize our new power. (Personally I’d love to be able to join some mid to late 70s and help them wrap up their last bits of whatever they have to do as they get ready for the Digistruct grind)

Please Gearbox can we make this an optional feature?
Without it it makes going through the hassle of getting OP10 not even worth it unless you REALLY like Digistruct. Like we get there, and we’re like “Okay. We’re here. Now what?”
So… uh… Pretty please?


I doubt that there will be any changes to matchmaking in BL2 this close to the launch of BL3, especially since the details would have to be worked out across 3 different ecosystems.

What you can do, however, is look for other folks on the forums who are already at max level and share your interests. Here are the relevant forum sections: