Features in BB that are Awesome

Here’s a little appreciation post for all the thoughts and effort put into Battleborn.

I’m the kind of guy who likes to appreciate the small things and after playing the Paladins Beta for a good while, i’ve taken some things that BB has to offer for granted such as:

  1. Characters certainly have character! the writing is amazing and hilarious and while not each character interacts with with every single other character, the ones do that mix it up [i.e. spotting or killing an enemy multiple times] by yielding different lines to keep it fresh.

  2. Sprinting. A little nit-picky, but I’m so glad BB has sprinting and that every character can do it. When things look grim you can really book it and it adds a more heart racing effect. Sure you can’t outrun everything, but the ability to sprint has saved my butt countless times. Sometimes you just need to get to a certain place faster!

  3. The minimap helps more than just keeping an eye on the minion waves, it keeps an eye on your surroundings like a third eye in the sky. I always look at the map to assess the situation, how many of my and the enemy’s team is in lane, waiting for someone who’s cloaked to pop up, and being on my toes when to avoid getting ambushed.

  4. When i look down i actually see my feet and not just disembodied hands and a weapon. It makes me feel more tangible.

  5. TTK. The big enchilada, and the main reason i stay with BB. As someone who does not have the highest reaction time (which is kinda why don’t i stay with twitch shooters a lot) BB is a lot more forgiving than most games. When i’m under attack it give me time to think (not a lot but enough) of a strategy, or if need be, escape.

And these are only a few things I love about BB, they provide a very pleasent experience that just keeps me playing :blush: so thanks BB team keep up the good work!


I agree wholeheartedly. The big one is definitely TTK. I used to LOVE Halo for its lengthy (compared to most games) TTK and it’s mini-map.

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My autocorrect is filled with useless names from this game now :sweat_smile:
So that

Apparently my appreciation for being able to sprint was too TMI for my teammates.

still makes me moist tho

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Adding to this, the Battleborn always stay in character outside of the story mode… I’ve seen multiplayer games where characters who are clearly arch enemies per lore, fight on the same side like they were BFFs… it’s not the case with Battleborn… See how they react when they see one of their allies on the enemy team… Like when Ghalt sees a Melka on the enemy team he goes like “Melka has betrayed us”… or even when Deande sees a Ghalt on the enemy side she says “Captain what the hell are you doing?”… I love how these characters still carry on their allegiances outside of story mode and make it look like they have defected or betrayed even if it is for the duration of the match…

Also, see how characters react when they see their own selves in the enemy team…

“Evil twin spotted” - OM
"They clone me.?" - Benny
"Those bastards have cloned me" _ Phoebs

and a lot more… They give a logical/comical reason for having the same character on the enemy side, which gives the characters much more credibility… Kudos to the Battleborn team for paying such detailed attention to their character interactions…!!

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