Feeble and the Furious

Just venting…
I hate jumping puzzles!!!
Gawd, I did 3 of 5 of the coin pick-ups then tried for 10 minutes to do the 4th, forget it. With goosey controls anyway all this super mario junk is just junk.

A mission which will stay unfinished in my log forever…

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It’s annoying but doable, oh it took me a number of tries but you can do it.

There are two things I hate in video games. Jump Puzzles and Timed Racing.

The Timed Racing I will never be able to beat the best top time. It took riding as a gunner to get the Achievement in Torgues DLC on BL2.

Jump Puzzles I have learned to do the following.

  1. Clear out all enemies so they are not a distraction.
  2. Calm down and relax before attempting the puzzle.
  3. Do not let myself get frustrated while making an attempt.

In BL3 there is one thing I did in the controls that helped. I changed the way that mantling was done. Instead of being a double jump press, I just have to jump and run into the mantle ledge and it basically auto mantles. Just remember to stop pushing “move forward” when the mantle animation kicks in. Because on small ledges or beams you will run off the other side.


I’ll take a look at that, might be useful.
Still would not fix my hatred of jumping puzzles. Why I never bought any Nintendo systems.

And I agree, I skip all the timed driving missions in all the games.

If they are optional I don’t see the problem with them being included. If you don’t like it you can skip them or have someone help you if you are willing to play cooperatively. I personally like timed-races and jump puzzles. They are not my favorite thing to do, but they can change up the pace of things when they are not out of place with the adjacent elements of the area.

That is generally the philosophy that I take when I encounter them in games. The only problem lies in the fact if they are tied to completing a games achievements. Then I get pissed off.

I like being challenged in games, but I hate being expected to do idiotic jumping puzzles or forced to try and beat a racing time. Make those things 100% optional not a requirement. It is part of why I prefer FPS based games. Most of them never include jump puzzles or racing games.


You have not really hated jumping puzzles until you have tried the Mad King clock tower one in Guild Wars 2 :grin: Some people STILL try do finish the puzzle, years later :rofl:

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Just blow up the truck.

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Happened to me accidentally and I cracked up!

This. It’s the most expedient way to finish that mission.

I accidentally drove it into a ravine.

I pulled out of the garage and 2 seconds later a COV vehicle came out of nowhere and completely destroyed us. At least I can pretend like I wasn’t totally gonna drive us off a cliff anyway.

I drove it over to the vicious attack turrets… completely by accident…

Shoot truck. Pa dies. Daughter is way happier. Get same reward. Quest complete. OCD crisis averted.