Feedback after 1 day of Beta

On initial Steam installation, the installer should be able to detect whether or not the local support software needs to be updated. A lot of time was wasted having to cancel or click Close on installer windows telling me my local software was already more advanced.

On Windows 8, Battleborn window soemtimes disappears when you Alt-Tab back to the desktop.

First attempt at playing Private solo missions resulted in a game crash right as soon as Kleese said “Here we go!” I feel like I’m being trolled. Only happened once but it was on the first mission attempt.

Frozen golem minions that appear later in the mission after the boss fight will sometimes not aggro and just stand there while you kill them.

Sometimes Aurox, when executing Fetch, will be seen rushing toward the target but visually disappears at the point of the grab (the skill executes properly though).

On one mission, Aurox’s Fetch when augmented with the Overshield buff from the Helix did NOT give Overshield when it was supposed to.

During a non-combat moment, when regenerating life, Thorn leaped from 400++ to over 800 in one second. No skills were actively used.

Once, as Rath, using Dreadwind while ascending a set of stairs had me getting stuck on a fence terrain after the skill ended.

I’ll add more to this if I encounter any other quirks.

Latest error:

For stress test purposes: Out of the last 13 games, the client crashed only once, during public character selection.