Feedback after few first games

Hello there !

Glad to be on board for this Closed Technical Test !

I enjoyed a few games, others were down right frustrating getting murdered by people having better/mandatory cards. Codebreaker is one of these, i mean come on, perma wallhack …?
Rocket Launcher is mandatory, second weap slot will most likely always be rail gun or tesla.
Shotgun is way too wide, Machine gun is useless due to map structures. I’ve dealt with turrets, they didn’t pose much of a threat, but I did saw some people on this forum who had trouble with them so I don’t know, maybe my opponents were not placing them right.

The maps are way too small and crowded. you have litterally no space for anything, except launching nades and rockets every corner “just in case”.

On another (technical) note, it seems that the upgrades of a leveled weapon do not show up in the stats of said weapon. The change is effective (eg RL lvl2 doing 55dmg instead of 50) but it isn’t shown anywhere. The weapon sheet still shows 50dmg.

Aside from that I’ll still have to test some more to give further feedback.
Thanks for your time.

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Hi, I am also glad to be able to test out this game. So far I have gotten great results from this game. it has great gameplay, fun weapons, and cool looking maps. But i had a few issues, one the maps are far to small for the game to be better. you could add more tunnels and jump boosts and small details like that would help alot. but definetly need bigger maps. also i wish there was a quick dash or something, becuase when you jump in the air it feels to “floaty” making you an easy target. if you had a quick dash or faster jumps you could menuver quicker and doge around.

Generally agree with your comments. I’ve played a few games, and it is fun. Overall the game feels a lot like Unreal Tournament, but with the special add on features with the cards that make it seem less balanced and distracting from the FPS aspect of the game. Maps are obviously just for testing now, but they are much too small and the lack of ammo management means that it is best to just shoot the rocket down each pathway assuming someone might come around the corner.

I also think that the 1 vs. 1 concept is not going to appeal to most gamers, so I am hoping the game evolves beyond that to be more like a 4 x 4 or 8 x 8 multiplayer game with much larger maps. Team play is much more fun than playing alone against one other person. The game has potential, but if it stays a 1 v 1 FPS with very small maps (because there are only two people on the map) then I am not sure how popular it is going to be.

I agree with you on so many levels but I also feel that it was very satisfying when I was winning even after 2-3 losses in a row.

As someone who is normally awful at these games, I’m quite satisfied if the other player isn’t mopping the floor with my corpse :wink:

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Hi everybody ! Tx for opportunity .
Someone just mop the floor with me but I am happy .Really good first impression . I agree maps are really small ,easy to memorize …for snick attacks :grinning: Not sure what happens,could not use air jump from starting deck ended frantically pressing F with no results…

To air jump, all you need to do is press space (jump) a second time when you are in the air. Other than having a cooldown, air jump is no different than double jumping in most other games.

Thank you I was frustrated

After my first few games, i agree that the maps should be bigger. I also wish there was a HUD map. Even after playing a lot of matches on quagmire, i keep ending up walking in a loop in the small caves. I dislike the turrets, although that may be because i don’t have it yet. Other than that, i am loving the game.