🔍Feedback and Poll: Remove Airborne and Slide Anointments forever

  • Remove Airborne and Slide anointments from the game.

  • Keep Airborne and Slide Anointments in the game.

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Oh Don’t forget to say stuff to keep the poll ALIVE!
tell em how u feel!

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Either remove them or make them interesting.
“While airborne shots have 50% chance to ricochet to nearby enemies” or “While sliding ammo consumption is reduced to zero”


For the love of Gawd! Dont give them ideas!


At this point I’m scared of any type of change since it’s likely to create a cascade of new bugs as the past has shown.


We’ve all veen traumatised by these changes and anoints and mayhem… But its about overcoming ur fears and hoping for the best and a Third Movie about that dog who played Basketball and then became an Astronaut.

Thats what really matters.

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Just incase u mistakenly vote just press showvote n do it again. Itll switch u. Had it happen to me

I d rather they make them interesting. The buff given is a good step, airbone damage is starting to feel good with launchers.
Problem is they barely test anything, their patch notes are hilarious is like they are discovering their own game.

Slide anoints need a particular attention as slide is a difficult mechanic:
It does not work perfectly( at least on console, sometimes slide does not work): this need fixing
An insane amount of enemies inflict chill and freeze that prevents sliding
It is difficult to aim while sliding

At the very least ALL slide anoint s should include a chill and freeze immunity, I d also include a substantial damage reduction.
The bonus they provide should also last for a set period of time after sliding

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They can’t do that. Then everyone would equip at least one weapon with the anointment just so they can run around without getting chilled/frozen.

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Why not? If you have a weapon equipped you need to use it. Naturally it needs to be coded well so one cannot unfreeze just by switching weapon on the spot. In a free game like Path of Exile they are capable to code weapon with freeze immunity that don t work on switch. A triple A studio should be able to do that

I voted for “Remove Them” even though I think that it’s not necessary if you just buff them right. I haven’t played the game since the Guardian Takedown came out, but I would assume that the DPS gained from those anointments is still not good enough. I suggested months ago that we need seemingly over the top bonuses to make those anointments worthwhile, like +200% fire rate while sliding or +400% weapon damage while airborne. The inconvenience has to be rewarded big time or else it just doesn’t seem worth it at all.

Something interesting to think about: “while airborne” could be the perfect timing window for Amara melee builds, so if you just slap a “Melee bonuses are tripled while airborne” to the right weapon, melee builds could instantly become viable.

I want those anointments to stay, but only if they are worth using, which they haven’t been since the game’s release.

they keep it because they wont admit its a mistake lol


I just wish the weapons were balanced to where we dont even need anointments for the weapons to be viable.

I honestly believe that anointments are in the game only to add another layer of rng to keep players farming much much longer than they normally would. They basically degraded the game in hopes to keep players playing for longer.

The most sought after anointment was even nerfed just long enough after a lot of players filled their banks with what is now another useless anointment.

I find GB’s approach to be deceptive and troll like but the real slap in the face is how they try to sell these updates as upgrades and “due to feedback” so the finger is not pointed at them.


I don’t understand why they keep trying to force all these awful anointments. Like 90% of them are already worthless since the game started.

I never pick anything up with those anoinments, might as well not even have one.

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The “ONLY” reason I pick up anything with those sort of annoints is to sell them for cash at vending machines.
But that’s the idea isn’t it? {giggle} to make it easier for players to earn cash? {insert sarcastic looking face here}

There is no doubt that there is players out there that can make these annoints work, i’m just not one of them.

So far its 8 ppl whod keep it vs 72 who just say remove.

Unless its balanced in the first place. Ita clutter and upsettig to get. But yes i understandwanting them to do it right. How bout only having it till its done right.