Feedback and Suggestions. :D

For someone like me who had zero interest in looking up anything about this game or playing it. I’m actually glad I did play this game. Now to the feedback.

  • I really enjoyed the gear aspect in this game. I was tired of other MOBA’s item system because I’ve got to learn so much about what works better on specific heroes and what doesn’t work… I don’t have much time in the day to figure this stuff out. Even though the gear is a good substitute to items it’s not that detrimental as picking a perfect item set like the other MOBAs are.

  • Miko… I’m not going to go to much into him because you guys already know most of the problems. Just fix the healing Ray. And I’ll probably play him more often. At this point in time there is no reason to play this character because he is not worth playing because 1 Reyna can do the job of 2 Miko in one match.

  • Reyna… She’s unbelievably amazing right now. Fighting against her was the biggest pain in the butt to me. Just the consistent shields on herself, teammates, and healing… In Meltdown it felt like you had to have her on your team because the shields she gave everyone was so good. I didn’t like the game mode at all because I was stuck killing overshielded minions the whole game.

  • Marquis slaps. I don’t know about every other heroe’s melee attack, but you could solo camps with him… As funny as it was to walk right up to every creep camp and just slap them off the cliff in less then 2 seconds. It was pretty broken. It was really funny, but not fair at all.

  • Humor in this game is awesome. I was very happy with it in this game. I loved watching Marquis run around holding his hat like it was going to fall off. Little stuff like that will keep me entertained when times get stressful.

  • The assists and KO Pop ups always made you feel great about yourself. Especially when it reminded you to taunt. I enjoyed that because I would have forgotten about the taunts unless I got reminded I had them.

  • I would really enjoy more statistics after the game was over. Like who did the most healing, most damage done to champions, most damage to buildings, most hero damage/minion damage… Stuff like that helps you see how you did and what your teammates did. So, you can see what you and your team needs to work on next match.

  • Unit collision. If there is only one thing that I would drop everything and fix today it would be this. I got stuck my own team mates and minions so many times! Especially when I was trying out Montana. He is a really cool character, but I lost all interest in him when I literally couldn’t move multiple times because of unit collision on my own teammates.
    Maybe fix this by being able to walk through teammates, but get stuck on enemy units, and if not stuck but pushed out of the unit. TF2 has a good example of this.

Overall from someone that had zero interest in this game to playing it for at least 10 hours during the open beta. I’m actually happy with it. I probably forgot some stuff, but this will do.
Thank you for a good beta experience and any feed back on the list or comments are appreciated!