[FEEDBACK] Cut scenes that are way too long

We all have had that time when you’re just watching a cutscene. First, or even second, playthrough this can be OK.
Subsequent ones they’re just a drag, and some are way too long.
Wanted to make a list of the very long ones that I certainly would like to see made skippable;

  • Intro/pre-character creation. Obviously the longest and the most in need of a skip, and it looks like GB has done this, thanks!
  • Lilith losing her wings. Waaaay long, and after the 1st playthrough not any fun
  • Maya’s death. Same thing, way too long, make it skippable in subsequent playthroughs.
    And there are more, just not in my mind right now, add your long scene you’d like skippable.
  • After Troy death. Way long. And every playthrough I’ve done the audio is out of sync with the character action/faces. Needs to be redone and made skippable.
    The shorter ones, NPC or monster intros, are generally tolerable, it’s the very long ones I very much would like to skip.

This one is so long that just the thought of sitting through it again has kept me from rolling a new character lol. Especially since all of it’s excitement comes from shock/‘surprise’ twists, once you know how the story plays out there’s not a lot of interesting stuff in that cutscene tbh

I remember the Tyreen and Typhon confrontation being a bit too long…can’t think of many others atm.

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I just started a new character in the post-patch, and I’m retracting 2/3’s of my thanks for the skip.
You can skip the Marcus narration.
But you still have to put up with a large part of it, from the psycho scratching his chin with the severed hand through the whole vault hunter intro bar fight.
So still way too long. Took a 1/3 of the time off, good, but more work to do.