Feedback for feedback's sake

Hello, here is my opinion of the game in the 30 minutes I have played so far…

When I first launched the game, I spoke into the chat and several people greeted me back very politely, so that is nice to know that there are a good amount of people in this Closed Test and that they are friendly. A big downside is that there is no tutorial whatsoever, no hints or anything that gives tell to what to do. I understand this is definitely being developed… I am just pointing it out. When I went into the settings in the little ‘browser’ type window I couldn’t see any settings to change resolution or full screen mode. I would like the ability to at least maximize the window. Also, the lack of graphical settings was not to my liking, I want to be able to optimize the game to my computer.

I got into a few Casual matches and I was able to get a feel for the game relatively quickly, but for those that are more impatient and those that learn slower, it can be a frustrating experience as you are killed over and over again while trying to figure out the controls and this new full-screen environment you have been thrust in. In the casual matches, the tips at the bottom saying “Press C to Emote” and “Press TAB for Card Info” was omitting the “c” and the “tab” so I had no idea what buttons to push for those. I first played two casual matches on Aztec then one casual match on Heart. I was able to deal with the colors and shading of Aztec, which wasn’t all that bad, but the coloring and shading on Heart was very confusing to me. I would fall to the void through holes in the floor that looked like normal floor. The lighting made it hard to judge where certain ledges were until I got used to it.

The first game I played I had no idea I had a secondary weapon until I accidentally scrolled my mouse wheel. I like the rocket launcher, maybe a bit too much splash radius, depending on what direction you are trying to go with this game but the blast radius seems a bit big for the very close quarters maps that Aztec and Heart seem to be… as well as the fact that you have unlimited ammo and no clip to reload makes it more spammable. The shotgun I felt was very polar… you either did no damage at medium ranges or you oneshot the enemy at point blank, no in between because the rate of fire on it is so slow that if you attempt to use it at short range you have one shot and if you miss you use your other weapon. I also didn’t know you could rocket jump with the launcher until I saw one of my opponents doing so in my match on Heart. I experimented slightly with this and you have to be in the air when the blast hits, or else it does nothing.

I found out that Shift is to slow down… similar to CS:GO, so I was thinking that sound would play more of a role in this game, but from the few matches that I have played so far it hasn’t played much of a role at all.

I love the soundtrack, it is very engaging and fit for this game.

In conclusion for my first 30 minutes it was great, I learned quickly and managed to do alright. I like the game a lot and will definitely be playing/testing more.

Yeah, I wish it did less damage point-blank, but had a tighter, more predictable cone of fire for ranged use. I like that 10 damage ping from a long range shot, but the crazy spread makes it feel like too much RNG is involved. I don’t think it should be one-shotting a Vampire player, either. 110 damage for a perfect point blank shot, and 10 for max range is what I’d like to see. Maybe the center shotgun pellet should always be true to the center of the reticle.

It can play a role, but it’s hard to pull off.

You can use run mode to bait a listening player, then switch to walk when they get near, then shotgun them around a corner when they go hunting. Combined with Cinders (invisibility), you can create a lot of misdirection, especially when you are wallhacked.

It’s also kind of fun to ride the railgun beam around, then walk away on an illogical tangent. If you are quick enough, you can use the sound of the rail firing and the dissolving rail beam to trick the opponent into moving where they think you’d move, then ambush.

But yeah, a lot of the higher MMR players win by spamming rockets at sound. You can use walk movement to make their guesswork harder, but it’s a lot trickier than joining the meta club.