Feedback for Gearbox : TPS is not fun for me

Adored 1 and 2. Really dislike TPS.

Lot of it has to do with the loot system. Hate the grinder. Prefer chest farming and boss farming.

I’ll buy the next in the series for sure. Just hope it’s more like 1 and 2.

Genuine thanks for all your hard work.

There are chests and repeatable bosses in TPS also. You don’t have to use the grinder to get anything if you don’t want to. Here:


Considering at least half of the legendaries in the game don’t have drop sources…you’ll need to use the grinder quite a bit. Especially for DLC legendaries.

I don’t mind getting the weapons from the grinder but my game deleted all of the weapons that I farmed for besides the three guns I had in my inventory and I had some legendaries from killing EOS now I have to try to get them again which really pisses me off and if gearbox reads this and would do something about this I would be very glad.

Didn’t you already mention this in another thread? Contact support.

i actually find tps to be the most fun of the entire series, the problem is simply that there isn’t enough of it.

i think many of us view the first two games of the series through rose tinted glasses. load up bl1 and do a few armory runs, are you loving those trips through the crimson tollway? me neither. how often do you go solo master gee or vorac just for the fun of it? yea, same. how enjoyable is op8 without abusing some sort of gear combo that happened to be left out of tps for some reason?

i’ll always remember the first game fondly as it introduced me to the shoot-n-loot concept and ultimately changed the way i look at gaming. bl2 improved upon many things, most notably the manufacturer gimmicks, skill trees and designated drops. combined with the massive amount of content, it’s gonna be hard to top borderlands 2.

but, for myself, if i was given only 60 minutes a piece to play each of the three titles, i’m having my funnest 60 minutes inside the pre-sequel.


They never bothered me. :blconfused:

Never, but I don’t run Clappy’s arena either.

Well, BL 2’s OP 8 needed those “broken” gear combos while TPS didn’t because of its leveling system.

I have to disagree and go with BL 2. I have over 2k hours in it and only ~300 or so in TPS (might be higher, I’d have to check). I will agree that TPS lacked content. After the story was done, there wasn’t much to do until GBX added respawnable bosses, but even that was too little too late. It’s a shame because TPS could have been a contender, but now is the black sheep of the series.

Each Borderlands has its pros and cons. I can not tell which game is the best because all are very good.


I’ve liked all of them. The BL series has held my interest for a long time. :smiling_imp:

I say, TPS is better than BL1, but not as good as BL2. It did improve upon several things that were flawed with 2. More gear is viable in the end game. Overall balancing. Venders are actually worth checking. But it just feels so short compared to the others. And there was so little DLC, less than the first game, let alone 2.

So it is a good game, but the lack of content holds it back from being great.


It was. The story was shorter and the map wasn’t as large. Then again, GBX said it’d be between the size of BL 1 (without DLCs) and BL 2.

It had the same amount of DLCs as the first game, but the later had three story DLCs, while TPS only got the one. I wish TPS had more content, but such is life.

If you want to just count the number of DLCs, then yes. But Jack and Aurelia are not the same thing as new story missions to play. They’re reasons to replay the same content over again. And that shorter and smaller content gets repetitive by the 18th time you play it. I appreciate new characters, but I want more to do with them.

The Holodome was just an arena, the Torgue content from 2 has 4 of those. Moxxi’s Underdome had 3.

So the only DLC that really added more to the game was Claptastic Voyage. And while I enjoyed it, it really wasn’t enough.


Glitch weapons are awesome, so there’s that.

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Still hoping they release Tina Tina DLC which they cancelled. That would make this game even more awsome

Edit: Id totally buy that if they release it atleast my moonstones will have more use

??? Can you clarify that or provide a link?

There was the spaceship concept which got canned and turned into something else, but I don’t remember it involving Tina. There was no other planned DLC that I’m aware of - certainly what we got was exactly what was announced for the season pass. If there was something else (other than some YT fan day-dreaming) I must have missed it.

I haven’t bought the DLC and probably won’t. Main game of TPS just sucks so badly. Seems a lot of folk think you need the DLC to make this worth playing.

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is that the Legendaries aren’t very good. That and I literally don’t even bother opening chests because I know they will have junk in them. Logging in and out to farm vendors isn’t my idea of fun.


I’ll give you that the legendaries aren’t all created equal, but there are some excellent ones in there. And I’ve gotten some pretty decent gear from chests, with about the same frequency as in BL2 (not surprising since the loot mechanics are the same.)

Still, your money your choice. If you do ever see a deal on Claptastic Voyage, though, you really should do yourself a favour and try it.


Quote : I’ve gotten some pretty decent gear from chests, with about the same frequency as in BL2


Sorry I just don’t believe that. Maybe it changes in the DLC but chests drops in TPS are just poor. Like everyone else here probably, I sunk hundreds of hours into 1 and 2 and TPS isn’t even close.

I realize my opinion won’t be very popular here, after all this forum will likely be frequented by people who like and play TPS, but I suspect Gearbox will have all the metrics they need to know something’s up. I just hope they don’t think that people are just growing tired of BL rather than the problem being specific to TPS.

Borderlands 3 please Gearbox. Take my money.

Firstly, you are absolutely entitled not to find TPS fun. I always thought that TPS was going to be what was called, in ye olde dayes of gaming, an “expansion”. It was and, in that context, I thoroughly enjoyed it. However, be careful giving away your money for a BL3.

I’ve been following Battleborn over the last few months and I’ve lost count of the “don’t do this; make BL3” posts. It doesn’t seem to occur to anyone that GBX may not be able to make a game as good as BL2 again. Think of all the franchises whose later games never quite equalled the early one that got everything right.

I have read (unsubstantiated) reports that Valve are not concentrating on an H-L3 because they may not be able to come up to expectations and if their offering is anything less than genius, the Internet excrement-storm could actually harm them. It could be the same for GBX and BL3.

I have thousands of hours invested in the BL franchise, so I’d love a better-than-ever BL3. But that can’t be taken as read. Don’t bin TPS yet. It may turn out to be better than you think :slight_smile:


Oh, I agree, I was just pointing out that both BL 2’s and TPS’s Season Passes contained the same amount of DLCs. I think 2k seriously dropped the ball on TPS by not having GBX create more content for it before 2k Aus was shut down. Now I don’t think it makes good business sense because most people who would have paid for new content have moved on to other things. Sure we have a few threads asking for more content, but how do we compare with the number of people currently playing? And of that number, how many would purchase new content? Anything new would be a gamble that I doubt 2k would want to take. As I said before, I don’t blame GBX for the condition TPS is in, I blame 2k and 2k Aus, though primarily 2k since they had the last word on what went in it.

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