Feedback for my build

Yeah, I have made other non-psycho chars and I have almost one of all chars now xD

I need some feedback for my build, shown with Leg G’zerker and B’zerker


shield is the evolution, the relic is blood of ancients

Is there a reason you didn’t take get some? Also doesn’t the butcher suck when the Grog makes you drunk?

It’s… very unfocused. Filled to the Brim and 5 Shots or 6 are counterproductive with Money Shot, the healing skills almost aren’t even worth it if you have a Grog, and Double the Fun (or your fun, forget which it is right now) and Get Some aren’t even taken, which are 2 of his best skills. Try to decide if you want a Money Shot build or a never-ending fire build first, then we can help you better focus your build.

never ending i think, if i can get moneyshot, that would be cool

If you want a never-ending fire build, go for something like this with a Legendary Hoarder and a Rough Rider shield to keep Inconceivable at max proc chance at all times.

If you want Steady as She Goes, then do not use Hyperion weapons because they have a very negative effect with that skill.

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The Sal skills guide has some useful comments about Get Some, Money Shot, I’m Ready Already, etc. You might want to go take a quick peek.


Ah! a new Zerker! Welcome to the other side of rage my Psycho friend :slight_smile:

Here’s a bit of advice from an old timer:

  • Never ever ever skip Get some. Ever…EVER (unless you’re making a RL build) …EVER!!!
  • Put at least a single point into AITR to get the COM bonus, same with Lay waste. Ideally, lay waste should be 10/5
  • Brawn is either all in or nothing IMO: either move points around to get T-Rex and CAMB, or stay in tier 1
  • in any case, NPNG is crap
  • Assuming you want to keep using butchers (great choice BTW) I’m your Huckleberry is useless, move the points elsewhere.
  • Don’t skip Get Some
  • If you move your points out of Brawn, get NKLO…it’s really really good
  • Get KIPH on the way down, it works during Gunzerk if Get Some is active (which means…always)
  • Leg Gunzerker > leg Berserker any day
  • Leg. Hoarder > both ot the above :wink:
  • 5so6 is either 10/5 or 0/5 middle ground is not worth it.
  • Pick Get some
  • Lay waste is good, Lay waste is life, Lay waste is truth
  • Double your fun is definitely worth a point
  • Money shot is actually not worth it with a butcher build, your points would be better spent elsewhere, like in Get Some, or Lay waste.
  • If you do get down the brawn tree, put at least 3 points in Bus that can’t slow down, preferably 5
  • Don’t forget to put points into Get Some

Not mutually exclusive, but really, once you’ve tasted a Hoarder build, you won’t care about money shot anymore :sunglasses:

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thanks people for the feedback, i’m testing the stuff and I’ll tell you all :smiley:

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Almost perfect :slight_smile:
Since the legendary Hoarder boosts Incite, a single point is enough, you could use the 4 remaining points elsewhere, like in Hard to Kill

But I love my movement speed ;p

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Try this with the Legendary Hoarded, Butcher/Grog and Rough Rider.

Save a point for NKLO!

Wouldn’t 4 points from 5 Shots or 6 make a bigger difference instead in stuff like Keeping It Piping Hot, Auto-Loader or Divergent Likeness? I probably would go as far as getting those points from Asbestos aswell in order to max out said skills plus a single point into Filled to the Brim.

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I don’t know exactly how 5so6 and the Butcher’s gimmick interact, might be fun to test though

Keep it piping hot is awesome: it works WHILE you’re gunzerking (as long as Get Some activates)
Auto-loader is nice but not necessary
Divergent likeness is only really good if you are using matched weapons OR if your main weapon is very inaccurate.
Asbestos is not that good I agree

I might be fairly biased towards bonus accuracy and the mindset that switching to your pistol secondary is aways faster than reloading.

Gunzerkers in general are “up close”, so accuracy isn’t usually an issue.

And Hoarder builds in specific have no need to have good reload speed since the whole point is to have to reload as little as possible…and its even more true with butchers

I would add my 2 cents but the gents above have said what I would have but better :grinning:

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Did that accuracy skill that interacted badly with the Hyperion reverse recoil gimmick ever get fixed?

Nope, it’s still detrimental to Hyperion weapon… It’s probably the kind of thing that would be too complicated to fix due to how it’s written in the code.