Feedback for the game so far

I love this game! As of writing this, the beta has been out for 3 days and I have 20 hours into it! With that being said, there are many issues that this game has and I would like to address them

Galilea Wraith skin
I remember going into a match and trying to select this wraith skin (Character level 8 reward) and having it not working. Whenever I would select the skin, it would give me the default skin.

Oscar Mike totally invisible
I was playing as Galilea with my Wraith skin, and could literally not see the oscar mike on the other team. I can assure you he was not invisible because I got killed by him without ever seeing him, but saw his bullets going through the air. I also saw his grenade ability, but never the character himself. This bug is absolutely game breaking and needs to be fixed!

While this may not be a bug, I find it weird what words you censor and what words you don’t. Maybe ESRB says this word is worse than that word, but I really do think it is kind of weird.

I absolutely hate this progression system. It is unfair that if someone wants Ghalt, they either have to get to a stupidly high command rank, or complete all the story missions and get a certain rank on everyone. I think it would be much less annoying if you just made it where you could buy characters through credits, and you were allowed to pick one free character in addition to the starting ones.

Loot Packs
While it is not an issue yet, I am really worried about the system. The entire loot pack system is just screaming microtransactions, but this may just be me being paranoid

Gear system
I do not really like the gear system. Not only does gear encourage players to not help their team, but it just doesn’t feel like the quality that I would expect from a gearbox game. While it may be too late now, I hope that instead of doing this gear system in the next game, you do a system where you get weapons specific to certain characters. You could do it through packs, or as a reward at the end of the game for people who get the most minion kills/ objective points. Then, people who may not play Whiskey Foxtrot because they do not like his gun may give him another look because they like one of the guns they just got for him. It doesn’t have to be a ton of weapons, but one or two per hero would probably be good(Maybe more weapons for each hero in a DLC)

Story and plot cohesion
I do not like how little each mission is connected (You could perfectly understand the story if you skipped mission 1 and only played mission 2). Maybe the other missions will be, but it is not looking very likely as of now.

That is all as of now, and leave in the comments below what you guys think

I really, really disagree with the DLC changes you are suggesting. The DLC system that is planned now is like it is for a reason. Packs of heroes and maps and modes means locking game content behind a paywall. It is already a full prized game! You could argue that Story DLC does the same thing, I can’t really explain my counter to this well enough I feel, maybe someone else can?
Selling heroes also has a huge potential to be pay to win. You can buy instant access to the DLC heroes, but that’s as far as it goes. Kind of baffles me that you don’t like microtransactions but would support these things? GBX has also stated very clearly that microtransactions aren’t going to happen, luckily. Hopefully they won’t end up into the same situation Treyarch is now with AcTivision. I still have trust in you 2K, don’t let me down…

I have to eat now so I wont have time to respond more in depth, sorry

Yeah, you are right. The more I think about it, the more I agree with you that splitting up the community and exclusive characters would destroy balance and fracture the community. My mistake