Feedback From A Game Developer's Perspective


As the title suggests I’m a game developer; I mostly work in the indie space and on engine architecture currently but have a lot of lead design and FPS experience under by belt, so I hope the dev team takes my feedback a bit more seriously.

Before I begin I would like to say that I have not read every other post in on the forum, so if by chance it has been covered elsewhere I’m sorry. I also didn’t play to much because my ping was in 180-300 range making it miserable online, my feedback will mostly revolve around the starter cards and map/mechanic design.

Lobby UI:

The first thing I noticed was the windowed lobby, immediately I went into the setting to try to make it fullscreen, it is very strange in my opinion to have the game fullscreen only when starting a match. I don’t know if this is a launcher or an UE4 thing (I work mostly in Unity) but change it to start in fullscreen if you can, even if you have to rescale the lobby UI.

The play button being in the top left of the lobby UI also felt strange to me, most games place them center or bottom right and that is as a gamer what I was used to. I felt like I had to search for it even though it is in relatively plain sight. A better place for it might be in the navigation bar near collection or another commonly used UI button. Overall the lobby UI can look crowded and maybe if more screen real-estate was used it wouldn’t seem as crowded to me. But that is all my opinion and I can’t tell you how to design a pre-alpha GUI. All I can say is just remember KISS and iterate, I have redone a main menu as much as 3 times in an alpha prototype.


The first thing I did was play a dojo match on the map “Heart”, the first thing I noticed was how distracting it was. The human eye is naturally attracted to movement and light, Heart has a lot of moving glowing parts. Now I did not get a chance to play this map with another player (just my luck I guess) so I can not say just how distracting from actual gameplay the environment is. I would definitely tint the windows looking out into the skybox, there is just to many reflections, IMO the hallway with the blue glowing things by the staircase that is against the window is a good mix of light and reflective material compared to the area with the skylight. The map “Quagmire” does a good job with lighting.

-Had a gripe about environmental fall traps but after some experimenting I omitted it, did well there but sucks if a player has high ping.

FPS Mechanics:

As for the FPS mechanics I did not feel like I had enough feedback when switching weapons, they just play an animation with no camera shake or crosshairs/reticle movement. The fact that the reticle is the same for both the rocket launcher and the shotgun contribute to this. When shooting I always feel like by bullets should go toward the crosshair and there isn’t enough feedback to suggest recoil/bullet spread is happening except for the particle effect and outcome of the shot.

The shotgun should have crosshairs representative of the weapon’s spread, so I can understand before I shoot where my shot might land. It is weird in the era of modern shooters to represent a rocket launcher and shotgun with the same crosshairs. Also hit markers are nice, maybe it was my ping but I didn’t notice them.


I want cooldown reset on respawn, but I understand why it doesn’t reset. However the fact that it doesn’t and that the matches are timed (no score limit as far as I can tell) limits the player on how many times they can use their abilities throughout a match, so they must balance their deck based on cooldown times to the time of matches without knowing the time of matches if it is their first time playing. Is the starting deck well balanced time-wise to make the player feel like they are always in action and hook them? This will need to be considered when adding new modes/modifying match time.

I would set the “Air Jump” skill’s base cooldown to 4.5, it felt slow.

Mines are way to obvious and either sit there forever or you have to place them right under the other player for them to be effective for the most part.


Overall I probably would have experimented more if my ping wasn’t in the 200s (setup a dedi server in the pacific northwest, or is this PTP?), cool concept for FTP but selling cards in any way besides emotes/cosmetic items will be frowned on. Felt like DOOM but not as polished, if the final product feels anything as smooth as DOOM I’m in, but right now it feels…slow like matches were 30s to long and there are not enough places to jump to without the air jump and not enough feedback when shooting/walking.

tbh I made a “boarderlands” gun system for a game that never shipped, players could make a gun based on parts dropped as cards. A make your own skill type of thing would be sick; if you could balance it. I’d almost want to work on this if it wasn’t on UE4, I hate working with that engine. Personally I could give better feedback if I could see the GDD/code, fun alpha though.


I think you are right about the Heart map, my biggest issue is there are too many colors that blend in. I dont think their should be red accents that look similar in color to the enemy glow.

As for mines, i believe they are 100% invisible unless the player sees you drop them, maybe youre thinking about the recall teleporter?

You can change enemy/equipment outline colors as of build 35 and customize by map. Gearbox is letting us solve this problem using whatever colors we’d like