Feedback from a group of gamers

We (A bunch of people in a chat party)are listing here what is bothering us most in terms of bugs and glitches, and what we hope to see in the future for BL3.

Matchmaking: Please clean this up. Sometimes you can only find one person, and then you are lucky to get another. I feel like there should be significantly more insight and options, and players to be had if you opened up this system more. Let us meet in game! Not have to find 10 other places to find a player.

Blue screen lately…increasing a lot, when farming.

We cant have more than 3 total multiplayers to hopefully make it through without the game glitching and losing sound, images, consistency, and sometimes, the floor. 2 has become a safer bet. 3 is pushing it, 4…CROSS YER FINGER!

Speaking of footing, We cant trust throwing weapons on the floor (opting for tables instead…) in Sanctuary without the fear of losing them to space. THE FLOOR IS MOLTEN SPACE LAVA???


Why the level cap increase of 3? The game has been out, a few DLCS and events, and whats to come?

We are tired of having to re-farm for the hard earned weapons every time you get a wild hair to level cap increase. Some of these weapons are completely unique, by your own creation, and now we cant use them again until or unless we level up a new character just to use it within the level range it is good for.

I don’t mind lottery style playing for loot, but If I win, don’t go and change the value!!! Doh.

Thoughts on how to fix; Find a way to let us keep our old weapons, and level cap increase them with you, KEEPING, at least the options they came with, or updating to the better version of it (This would cost more). You’ll resolve a lot of glitching behaviors, and give value back to your players work, dedication, investment, and inventory. Make a machine the lets you do it for a LOW cost.
Wheres that inginuity? MOAR! I SAY MOAR! (You’re doing great…)

Tiny Tina better be getting her own DLC about this. MOAR D-N-D STYLE SHENNANIGANS!

(I once told a gaming friend I had not been able to play with for a while that I missed him like Tina misses Roland, and he said I punched him in the feelz.)

Flak needs another pet option - DINOSAUR!!

Recent updates have fixed some issues, it is noticed and you have our thanks!!

-Captain Deadpool
P.S. - I was SUPER high when I rote dis. :wink: :kite: :dukeaffirmative: :dukeaffirmative: :MMJEMOJI:


Next time try to be not so high


Matchmaking point : Bring us back the Borderlands 2 matchmaking system please.


theres absolutely no drifting problem in borderlands 3. its your hardware .

but the game does have big acceleration when you hit arround 80 90% of ur stick , some likes it some dont and i dont. acceleration is only to solve slow 360 when using low sensitivity , it should be optional .

Lol! New hardware…yet this is the only game we have the problem in, with most of us using brand new controllers…and their recommendation to to adjust settings that do not eliminate the problem, but slightly mitigate it …sure, it’s my hardware. -_-
Get bored in the middle of offering real feedback?

Lol, someone needs some happy in their life…that would be me. Hence MMJ…Dont be jealous…I had to be driven insane first. Hell of a trade off.

…then improve on that… agreed if it works!

Also, NEVER!!!

I was having trouble with controller drift back around launch - and only in this game. I got sick of only partially mitigating it with in-game settings and bought a new controller which fixed the problem. The game’s dead zone settings didn’t seem very effective. In my experience even new controllers sometimes have a tiny bit of drift - back when I gamed on PC one of the first things you’d do with a new controller was calibrate around such foibles.

Sure, but for me personally…3 controllers since I got my pre order of this game, for this game.
It’s becoming and investment on top of ownership.
I think they should fix this.
Or not, I’ll get fed up with it, and it counts against the game, and my overall borderlands experience. How about Instead they resolve the issue by fixing it, and we are all happier? This is the only game im getting drift in. There are 70 games in my library. Are we sure it’s “Just the controller?”?

if you put ur inner deadzone to 0 , then u see ur crosshair moving by itself , then its probably ur hardware problem .

most game default deadzone is at atleast 15 to 22 , borderlands 2 is at 20% . u may want to copy that if u like ur borderlands 2 setting . but theres absolutely no way to 100% copy ur stick sensitivity to another game even its the same title .

would u record a video , the community would like to help with ur issue

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borderlands used a square deadzone , its actually cancel more movement than other game , since most game used circle deadzone nowadays .

I had drifting problem too. My controller was only one year old. Keep in mind you can also replace the buttons for about 12-17 dollars and the PS4 controller is easily taken apart and put together. I purchased a new controller anyway and it works great now. My old one, I put on new buttons (metallic red BTW) and they work fine now.

Never buy used controllers also, most are traded with dead zones.

I have 3 controllers where my aim drifts if I move in a tight circle not even touching the right stick. They don’t drift when I’m completely still and it doesn’t happen in other games. Logic would say that the game is the cause

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Are you sure this drifting isn’t the aim assist? Which makes the Takedown a challenge since when I aim at a heavyweight’s tank it decides I meant face and those warhounds know what they are doing when the jump in front of me and drag my crosshairs with them.

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I tested mine while in sanctuary, my aim jerks randomly when strafing while playing. I tested by strafing in tight circles (clockwise and counter clockwise) and my aim would only pull when I had the left thumbstick around the top left quadrant. Normally I get no drift but moving forward and to the left I do on multiple controllers


That must have something to do with the square deadzone or how your character is actually rigged, their body could be bumping into itself. Lol this game has tourettes.

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I don’t see how the dead zone would affect it since I wasn’t touching that stick and when static I had no movement but admittedly I’m not that knowledgable on the subject. You might have something with the character though since I tested on FL4K and don’t recall noticing it on other characters

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I think I’ve seen a thread about how their body interacts differently than the other VHs but I can’t remember what the differences were, I main Fl4k and I’ve never had a drift problem tbh.

+1 Matching making is definitely not as good as it should be.

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