Feedback from a no name player (Bugs/Requests)

Hello, I’m aware these are probably not new but these are all my gripes I’ve come across when playing the game. Some of my below feedback may be moot depending on the DLC plans. Regardless, I still really enjoy playing the game and will continue to do so. Thanks!

Platform: PC

Alt: Fl4k (50) - In Mayhem 3 TVHM story.
New Main: Moze (40)- Still leveling in in normal story mode.

General Feedback
• Please keep us in the loop as to what is in the works as opposed to posting patch notes after the fact.
• Every time I hit escape and the game tells me there are updates, it doesn’t actually tell me what the updates are. I always end up alt tabbing out to try to find out and find nothing regarding the update.

Class Feedback
• Zane: Please make clones & turrets indestructible. (Skill tree may need rework.)
• Fl4k: Please make pets unkillable; this is a great first step in making pet builds viable. (Requires skill tree rework.)
• Moze: Please make mech’s unmeltable. (Cap damage taken max to a percentage?)

Enemy Feedback
• Borderlands 2 Loaders were fun for sniping off their limbs. There aren’t really enemies like that in Borderlands 3 that give the same satisfaction.

General Feedback/Requests
• On the quest dialog, please give us a shortcut button to load the map for a quest (or closest connecting zone) if possible.
• In multiplayer, let each player choose their own individual active quest.
• Let us have the option to track multiple quests.
• Let us skip cutscenes.
• We have the option to make the minimap not rotate… can we have the same for the main map? It gets tough when trying to give directions to a coop partner.
• Please let us fast travel to other players in multiplayer.
• Shared stash is nice but becomes very limited if you want to make 4 classes. Maybe add personal character stash and a secondary shared stash?
• Something else to spend cash/eridium on? Maybe rerolling weapon quality/stats? *I know crafting isn’t a thing in Borderlands. Maybe buying into special fights/events?

Content Requests
• Random bounties: Give us a random boss/named kill bounty on Sanctuary (Always active until completed or expired then will reset so cannot be cycled) that gives a nice cash/eridium reward.
• Random quests post story completion: Have random quests on Sanctuary to goto a random side quest npc to do their side quest again. (Always active until completed or expired then will reset so cannot be cycled)
• Please add more difficulty levels and increased loot rarity drops (Higher annointed chance & gearscores.) *No need to add additional mayhem modifieres, you can just increase the values after 3.

Bugs/Technical Issues
• After exiting the game, it sometimes still runs in the background and has to be closed manually in task manager.
• Bug: Vehicles (Monowheel) wobbles when I drive it when my friend is hosting: this is extremely annoying.
• Moze Bug: “Forge” regeneration does not always go to max clip when leaving the mech or
swapping weapons until you manually reload.
• Fl4k Bug: Sometimes during fade away, my queens call attacks do not critical hit and my ammo is not returned. I’m not exactly sure how to reproduce this and is random.
• Whenever someone is joining my game, my game locks up until they load in.

Thanks again for a great game!

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