Feedback from a Previously Disgruntled Xbox One X Player

Dear GB,

I came back to play after some time off due to Xbox One X crashes post Cartel and 2.0. I hadn’t had issues prior to Cartel and 2.0 so not sure what was going on. Trouble tickets were worthless as all 2K Support did was send out their bots asking for video proof.

So fast forward to the day Bounty of Blood came out and since then I’ve logged maybe 10-12 hours of playtime. I’ve had no/zero/0 crashes and I’ve been knocking on every piece of wood I can find. I’m not sure what the issue was or if it’s a temp thing, but I’m glad for it as I missed playing on a regular basis.

The real reason for this post is to thank you for the change to our pets. I play FL4K and since Bounty of Blood has come out I’ve seen a change, a change for the better, much, much better. My pet kicks ass now and it makes me very, very happy. I can’t wait to tweet my Gamma Burst build even further to see how powerful my partner can get.

I’ve seen similar posts since the DLC came out and I know you’re reading everything. My hope is you let us play the game and have fun before you do what you usually do and take the posts the wrong way. The majority of us that play the game ARE NOT content creators and simply want to have fun. With FUN being the key word. It’s so much fun watching my pet wreak havoc like it never has before that I can’t stop playing. Isn’t that the end goal???


I started experiencing less crashes after the Cartel event ended. I think the extra enemy spawns were creating an issue for my One-S.

I did crash once last night but that was the first time in a couple weeks. We are getting there, I’m hoping these improvements can stay on this course.