Feedback given by a German XBOX One Tester

First of all: I’m amazed by the Game and can’t wait til I have it finally in my Hands.
Here some things that happened during my plays (mostly played the First Map of the Story)

  1. All Characters I’ve played couldn’t overwalk the smallest edges or (for example) the “Traillike” increases in the middle of the Map (Right after the Destuction of the two H3NCHM4N)
  2. After Unlocking 2 Characters at the same Time (in my Case Benedict and Toby), the Game Crashed and hung up at the Authority List (or something like that… however, it was impossible to Continue Gaming.
  3. After I unlocked Benedict and Toby, Toby was been shown as Playable in the Commando center (or what ever it ist called in the English Version) but I Wasn’t able to choose him either in Multyplayer or story mode.
  4. Somehow a enemy (I don’t know wich one exactly) managed it some times to get back inside the Spawn point (Right before the H3NCHM4N) inside the Wall, stuck there, counted as a killable Enemy on the field and the Powersource-Door for the Vent didn’t open.
  5. (More a suggestion then a Bug) After beating the first Version of The Boss Isic Magus (When he comes to the Skull Version), he is dragging you Arround and Floating you to the Top of the Room, so it is nearly impossible for Melee Battleborn to Kill him (for Example Rath, even though you can’t see a damn thing beneath him when he is falling)

This should be enough. I didn’t find anything more. After all I Can’t wait to play further.
As always, Gearbox did a great job in here.
Keep going :wink:

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The third was actually intended, since for the open beta toby was PS4 exclusive. We could do the achievements for unlocking him, but not play him.


That’s not true. I have played Algorithm with both Phoebe and Rath and I haven’t encountered such a problem. It’s not as easy as it is with Oscar Mike, but it’s pretty doable.

And I 've done it fairly easily with Boldur as well (the guy is unkillable in those story missions btw). It’s very hard with Kelvin though, because he doesn’t have a single attack that isn’t melee.
Probably harsh for attikus as well?.