[Feedback] Level Cap Increases

I just wanted to provide some feedback and start a discussion. You guys have said that level increases are going to be in increments of 3. I think that it should be 5 because at the moment 3 is not enough to see a real boost on your character while also making your weapons irrelevant. 5 would be much better and it would be easier to swallow when you farm new guns. Thank you.

They didn’t actually say that. What they implied though was that increases wouldn’t be as large as previous Borderlands games. They also said that they are looking into ways to add progression independent of skill points.

My bad then. I still think that my main point stands though. If they are going to introduce more skill trees than I think 5 levels makes it perfect because it makes you distribute points in a wider range.

I wouldn’t mind 5 at a time. I’d prefer 10.

Also, I’m less worried about progression ( I have G Ranks for that) and more about skill points, so I can make the exact build I want. Especially now that we have M4 and M 2.0 on the way with M1-10!!

BL3 is different than its predecessors in that it is the first Borderlands game where skill points are not the be-all-end-all of player power.


I’m aware. I’ve been playing since BL1 first dropped and have thousands of hours in 1 and 2. Less so in PS.

I do like what they are doing here…partly. I kinda miss some of the old, but to an RPG player and moreso a BL player, I’m all about the skill trees

I am also an OGBP :grin: and I don’t miss the old school BL approach. I go into why here …

and here …

I understand your point. I also like a lot of the changes they’ve made in the series. But, much like BL2 compared to BL1, there are a number of things I wish they would have left alone.

I also disagree on builds becoming the same. Unless, of course, they give us too many points. I’m not advocating for so many we can max out every tree (Like BL1) but I’d like a good bit more than what we have. And considering they have mentioned multiple times, adding additional skill trees/skills, rather than additional Characters, the build variety argument becomes even less valid at that point. Not to mention due to multiple skills for each character, that creates variety right there. I started off using Fade Away, went to Rakks and I’m now on GB. So far, I’m enjoying the Red F4ng GB build I’m using more than anything, as it caters to my playstyle preferences

Having said all that, I wouldn’t mind having enough skill points equivalent to being Lvl 70

As far as obsolete. Its close enough where you can slowly refarm any gear that is worth being upset about. The 3 levels gives you the opportunity to make your builds a little more optimized but not where balancing wont be an issue. If they did 4+ then there would be significant balancing changes needed where the level 55 gear and enemies would need to be exponentially stronger to compensate for the two capstone builds (aside from Zane who would likely need to have seeing red tweaked).

Level 50 weapons aren’t irrelevant at level 53. Mine still work absolutely fine. Still melting graveward with a level 50 lyuda.