🔍Feedback: M7-M10 even if they nerf weapons. I still want that hp armor health difficulty. I just dont want modifiers

Im asking for to keep m10 health armor hp enemy toughness and not have the other modifiers. The way m4 felt previous to m2.0 /maybe call it a hardcore mode.

Look I dont represent the vast majority but im sure my view does represent an option some peoole would like or enjoy. IF we could have this alot of us wouldnt have gripes. If other people dont like it its an option so they never have ti see or use it.

I was happy like…mayhem2.0 changes are coming! Im like yay!

Then they’re like…we’re reducing enemy toughness of m7-10 and im like…what?

I liked m4 alot. I was hoping for that to evolve. I dont even know if there was modifiers on m4. It was just enjoyable for me.and my wife. We did the love and tentacles through m4.

The game felt… Right to me. Like all my weapons damage wasnt super overpowered. Without a super niche setup im. Not one shotting every badass in the game.

I was hoping for a bl2 true vault hunter/uvhm style upgrade to the world and enemys, more.mobs more enemies.more badasses of variety.

Still.not getting it.

I dont even want beneficial modifiers id just like the m10. Health the Way it is.

The most difficult thing about the modifiers to me is playing with all the annoyance. I truely dont like them.

Out of all the games in my lifetime ive spent more time in bl2 more than anygame ever. It had the winning formula for me. My wifes played through everything with me too. She just flat out quit with mayhem 2.0.

I understand weapons need a nerf/buff… Getting new weapons should feel awesome… I shouldnt feel like i can kill bosses in less than a minute without a very special setup attached. I never felt that way with bl2.
Its like getting a new toy with new bosses. not the end all weapons.

Purple performance is too low. People wanted niche purple weapons in bl2… Theyre just flatout weak here except for torgue stickys /stage coach and the former Q system.

Legendarys should feel like Unique special guns not common variety garbage. At the same time theyre the bar of damage now.
Infact alot of my bl2 blues and purples are now legendarys.

My bl2 loadout was not pure legendarys it was quest items blues and purples. Im not sure what direction the game is heading anymore but its not challenging and more annoying.

My immersion is Dead.

But im hopeful the devs are listening.


well, yea
mh2 and cartel weapons pretty much ruined the game xD

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Mayhem didn’t need fixing… Or at least not to the extent that GBX forced uppon us…

They could have just added the stupid modifiers and continued with M4’s scaling…

But nooooooooo… Why would anybody want THAT? people asked for big ■■■■■■■ heads and the floor is lava BS… So everybody has to want it right?

Getting tired of devs pulling this kind of ■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■…