Feedback, mostly to do with availability

Hey, i enjoyed playing the open beta of overwatch and orcs must die unchained. But when i saw this (after playing through all of borderlands) i got really excited. Because you are basically stealing all their idea’s and putting them into one, hopefully well executed game.

I am all for stealing idea’s, it is what makes the world go round. However, how about you steal their idea of making it possible to give you my money? Because i live in the Netherlands, and i can’t seem to actually give you my money in exchange for the game. Seems like a very stupid thing to mess up tbh.

So yeah, take my money please.

Some feedback on your forum experience: it is very difficult to take anything seriously if your forum keeps treating me like i am an idiot. “Read your title out loud, does it sound like a good summary if your post?” I mean, i am 4? No, last time i checked i was in my twenties, and you know this, because earlier i had to tell you guys my exact age.

Something else:
I HATE media markt, i will not buy your game if they will be making a profit on it. How about you give valve a call and tell them they need to make room for another game, because i’d love to go through steam. Or just take my money on your website. It is not 2000, i have a 50 Mega Byte connection and a very fast pc, don’t limit me to the constraints console users chose to deal with.

I might’ve missed it, because lets be honest, i spent a whole 10 minutes looking before i wrote this post, but i couldn’t find any way to try your game. I will definitely buy after trying when i like a game, and i won’t resent a company for producing a ■■■■ game when i get the chance to try it out. But taking my money up front for a digital product is kind of, well 2000 :stuck_out_tongue:

xblaauw out.

At this point in time I learned nothing else would be worth reading, Battleborn a game released on May 3rd is stealing from a game that isn’t even out yet. Mind telling me how that works exactly?

Who am I kidding lets continue. So what you’re saying is that only 2 games ever had the idea of making a game purchasable in the Netherlands?

Ironic, isn’t it? Your post is about Battleborn stealing ideas from 1 game that isn’t even out yet and some other game I never even heard of (Maybe they did steal.) Now can you do me a favor and name one game that hasn’t stolen something that worked from another? I mean I can make the same battle saying Overwatch stole from TF2.

I don’t get this part very well. With the beta being over you have to buy the game to even try it, so how are you going to try it before you buy it? If anything you should resent the game so that the mistake never happens again if this is in fact a mistake.


Battleborn was announced even before overwatch and I’m just guessing here but also before Orcs must Die unchained aswell so who stole what? Class based shooters go as far back as a quake mods and mobas hail from the warcraft modding community.

First Person Perspectives are also much older than BB and any other modern Game.
Is the First person Perspective also just stolen a design then?. The concept of quirkie Shooters with different classes or characters is as I said already hardly a new Idea either. At some point using broad concepts can’t be classified as stealing in my oppinion. If that would be the case we could only enjoy stolen works and ideas in society.

The game is already on steam and I’m from germany so I think you should probably see it aswell. You could buy the game trough key selling sites like g2a and get a steam key that way if it reaaaaally can’t be found.

Mediamarkt can’t be the only store to sell physical copys either in the netherlands

There isn’t a demo avaliable as of yet (if ever) fun fact few games actually feature a demos these days. You could try the game during the open Beta in April but that was a month ago. So in this regard you are out of luck.

A demo sounds like a nice idea for the game on steam tough

Automated forum advice is just a suggestion don’t take them personally, chill dude. GBX didn’t implement them to insult you personally

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They aren’t going to give away a demo for an always online game as it’ll clog up their servers.

You seem happy enough to give them your money so just do it and stop whining.


I live in the U.K, they had an open beta here, did that not happen in the Netherlands?

You can’t really steal an idea once it has become common knowledge, you can take inspiration from an idea, this is kind of a natural thing to do. If something works, then it’d be kinda dumb to avoid doing it the same way just for the sake of originality.

I am a bit confused, are you saying Battleborn is not for sale on steam?

I also don’t get your comment regarding console constraints that console users choose to deal with, I have a console what constraints do I choose to live with?

Not sure what you are trying to convey in your post, all I see is rage. Take a breath and

30 fps on console vs 60 fps on pc is a constrain, it doesn’t bother me in most games but it is a difference between consoles and pc. Maybe static FOV aswell. Some people are really bothered by FOV and low FPS

You can buy Battleborn on PC through Steam -

You can play for 2 hours and if you don’t like it then you can refund it.