Feedback: Move Hyperspace Button

The hyperspace button being right in the middle of the playing area is a distraction and almost “forces” you to hyperspace even though it’s up to the player when to hyperspace. Can the hyperspace button be moved up next to the Objectives/Recall area and displayed in the same way as those buttons? That way, it doesn’t feel intrusive or “in the way” of playing the game. I can’t imagine someone trying to harvest a large map of resources with a big image in the center of their view.


Second this just move it :wink:


I actually just registered an account to post about this. With all the time spent on the maps after all objectives are completed in HW I hope this gets addressed soon, it’s seriously annoying having to stare at that hyperspace button smack in the middle of the screen.


Good God yes. The button needs to be accessible but it does not need to be IN-YOUR-FACE-WE-ALSO-MADE-BORDERLANDS prominent. Buttom of the screen as in the original would be just dandy, thank you.


Put it near the bottom of the screen in the center, or at the top of the screen in the center.



Tweak the interface in general to be less intrusive- make the clickable buttons smaller or get rid of them (UI scaling doesn’t let you scale down enough); we have hotkeys for all of those functions anyway. Having the whole thing retract at the bottom unless you mouse over it would be a nice touch.

Also, the hyperspace button doesn’t show up while playing with UI elements turned off by pressing Backspace a few times. The hyperspace button should not be bound to those optional UI elements, and should still appear even with all UI elements turned off. Otherwise, the game isn’t functionally playable if the option to turn off UI elements with Backspace is used.

And regarding the UI sizes, as it is, the smallest UI scaling setting is simply huge, as if made for the very visually impaired. It’s complete screen bloat, and the larger options are just comically absurd. Please bring it down to maybe just 30% the size of what the smallest (laugh) option currently is.

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Keep in mind some of these monitors being used are 4k monitors. Huge.

Personally I don’t find them bad, though a few tweaks to make numbers of ships more legible at the smaller sizes would be nice.

Other than that the only real UI problem I have is the location of the hyperspace button. It can be a problem if you’re still engaging 10 Destroyers and 50 Assault Frigates with it in the way at the later levels…

Well it look like the next patch is likely to focus on UI issues, so hopefully we might see this one resolved sometime soon.


But you don’t need to spend time harvesting at the end of missions anymore and your enemies scale up spending on how many ships you have.
So what’s the point of not pressing it straight away?

You can press backspace few times to get rid of it if you just want to take screenshots.

Sometimes we can use the time to steal some enemy ships or reorganise/rebuild the fleet. I don’t like the fact that in HW2 hyperspace is forced.

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I suspect that the reason the Hyperspace button is so large is so that new players will know when the mission is over and what to click on to advance to the next mission. But Gearbox please! We are not all 5 year-olds and we are not near-sighted, and that huge Hyperspace button in the center of the screen is just atrocious. Please down size and relocate.