Feedback on a few things that should be fixed

So after playing the beta for some time on XB1 and getting to Command Rank 18, and unlocking all possible characters, there were a few things I noticed and feel need to be fixed or looked into. Below are my thoughts.

Move/Skill button icons: When looking at the anywhere where the moves are shown, the Skills you can use all have their corresponding buttons next to them - So for me LB/RB/Y. This helps with any confusion and you know which move is which. The thing that you’ve missed are the main attack buttons.

Nowhere are the button icons. So you should show (again for XB1 version) which one is RT/LT and maybe even have a icon or the word ‘Passive’ for the one that does not require any input.

This also goes for the HUD. You have the icons for the Skills, but nothing for the picture on the far right. On top of that, and other than the text on the Helix wheel menu, you show nothing about the LT (secondary?) move. I know it’s about learning the game but it took me a while to figure out that there was an actual move linked to LT.

Thorn: I personally think she is the worst character and is highly poor to play with. For me, it’s virtually impossible to do anything with her. I tried playing the long and short game and both were painful. You have her try and be powerful only by fully pulling her bow back which does not help when trying to hit someone up close.

The one thing I think that needs to change with her is her fire rate with short/quick burst firing. When I get into a close one vs. one, who’s seriously going to stand there and power up their bow for a hit. If you miss (which is likely), then you’ve wasted 3 seconds for nothing and you’re probably already be dead.

What do you do when people are close, you spam that fire button, but it feels like this girls literally just picked up a bow for the first time. Increase the rate of fire and ■■■■ it, just keep the damage the same or lower it. At least I’ll be able to fire faster and have a chance of hitting a moving target rather than relying on a perfect precise aim and luck.

You can’t unlock all possible characters at command rank 18.

To be honest, I think you should decide to read a characters skills before playing that character. This way, you should have known about the secondary move…

And I have seen a lot of great Thorn players. Some so good that I wanted to rage quite because omfg she can do some damage. Thorn can be great, in the right hands. It sounds like you have not played her enough. Thorn is not supposed to win a close 1v1, she is a sniper. Same goes for Marquis. Get some distance, use that skill that puts that area on the ground(Bliss?) and run. Then snipe the hell out of them.

Thorn is utterly terrifying in the right hands (not mine, though).