Feedback on the gun-play in Borderlands 3

I’m a huge Borderlands fan and when I looked at the new gameplay stream for Borderlands 3 I was truly hyped, but 1 thing really bothered me and that is how the gun-play is there.
In past games, gun where really bad in terms of accuracy, they felt cheap and it was really hard to hit your bullets to the point where it was special when your gun was accurate (guns like the “Bitch” SMG).
This might sound like a complaint but it really isn’t, those type of guns are in my opinion a big part of Borderlands and it makes for a great “Pandora” vibe.
So when I saw the new gameplay for Borderlands 3 I saw the guns there, they looked so sharp, accurate and easy to use, and that really isn’t what Borderlands is…
adding the fact that now guns have alternate fire modes and element switching, The combat kind of looks like Destiny now…
Some people might disagree with me but I think that gun accuracy and bullet travel speed should be toned town.

Higher level blue and purple guns have typically been more accurate. The gameplay demo they used almost all high rarity weapons that were hand picked by the devs.


From what I saw even the guns they used at the start where accurate, they where the bottom tier weapons.
I hope you are right and we are going to get that early game feeling where the guns are all rusty.
I really loved that felling in Borderlands 2.

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Even I noticed that too, it felt like there was almost no recoil or kickback in many of the guns. I hope not every gun is such accurate from the get go.

Someone on a different post said this, so in BL3 even the lowest tier weapons are not total ■■■■ like it was the previous game. I guess it was a deliberate decision to make the game more accessible to new players.

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It’s possible that they adjusted the stats of the guns to make early level gunplay more fun to watch, so that people aren’t missing a lot. I know they added in at least one chest just to the demo, other things could have been changed.

+1, in retrospect I think it really added to the feeling of progression: you start rather helpless and then get better. BL2 took some of that feeling away with BA rank applying to all your characters: subsequent playthroughs with new characters got much easier. But I digress…

The way I look at it, is we’re Vault Hunters. We should be well versed in using weapons of any type, given the warnings about the Vaults and all that. I can’t see a trained mercenary just missing a bunch of shots for whatever reason.

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I gotta admit, the first time I played BL2 (my first ever borderlands game), I thought it was another normal FPS game, and it was really hard and unfun for me. I put the game multiple times, because I couldn’t get past such bad shooting and constantly got outta ammo (I did not know looting stuffs or farming), but then I had to read about the game online to get an understanding then it clicked for me. But man, the initial learning curve was too steep for someone with no prior knowledge about the game.

I got BL2 and it was kinda rough to start (honestly, they should maybe have made Knuck drop a lvl 1 hornet no matter what so you can just barely have an edge over Bewm, but that’s just how I’d like an intro to Legendary), but then you hit level five and stuff goes bonkers.

But then I recently got into BL1 and the accuracy was a real issue at first. Hell, my first good sniper was inaccurate af. Like, missing still targets. The beauty of RPG elements, ya know?

As someone who played, the gun system felt very similar to bl2, if you ADS you can crit pretty well, if you hip fire you are far less accurate. I felt plenty of recoil on some Jakobs pistols and AR’s. When enemies shot at me it was much harder to land crits.

This game play is still very much borderlands. With Amara I went with the phaselock tree and it was almost too familiar to early game maya.

This is nothing like Destiny, its everything like Borderlands.


im gonna trust you on with that one!

As it should be. :+1:

I’ve been curious about that; Amara has a skill that looks like a variant of Maya’s phaselock, and that got me wondering if we will find that Sirens can have different versions of the same basic skill or ability, ones that we’re familiar with already.

You mean…Phasegrasp? haha. Some people are going to be calling PG Phaselock for like the entirety of their BL3 playthroughs.

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Just like I had to adapt and call Class Mod COM. :wink:

And could it that the streams/vids you/we watched were not by your average joe?
Guns always seem to perform better on yt than in my games! :laughing:

But honestly Phaselock is just easier to pronounce, its not tongue twister like Phasegrasp. For me at least (non-native English speaker)

My recollection of BL1 was that guns were far more accurate than BL2. If they’ve gone back to that I’ll be stoked

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I don’t know if they tweaked them or I’ve just gotten better due to playing nothing but Borderlands for the last few weeks but just starting 2 after 1, 2 feels much more accurate. I’m finding head shots fairly easy at the start of 2 where in 1 it felt like you needed those high accuracy guns to even bother with crits.

I just started playing BL1 recently after years playing BL2 (And some TPS) and it’s not my impression. Granted you don’t have the most accurate guns at lower level but still.
Snipers feels like Ar and AR like shotguns! :wink:
Beside. I don’t understand why would someone want and inaccurate gun. :thinking:
I know some would say accuracy is overrated anyways but…

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