Feedback on the post CTT survey

There is one question on the survey that I would like to make a point about. One of the last questions asked whether I would spend money on the game. If it’s for pay to win, I won’t spend money and probably won’t play at all. If it’s dumb cosmetics I will buy them. :kissing_heart:


I seriously doubt there would be p2w elements, unless the game goes to bed with some unhinged publisher.

I’m also a sucker for dumb, reasonably-priced cosmetics. Silly hats, gold chains, glowing eyes, the ability to make little patches of flowers grow at my feet whenever I land from a jump…

…stuff like that.

They could always take a page from Valve, and have cosmetics be another form of card that shows up in chests. Then, if we could trade cards, that would create one of those scary little economies Steam players love so much. Weapon and skill cards could also have fancy versions.

Check out my premium gold foil sparkling Railgun! The flavor text reads, “A believing heart leads to killing sprees.”


dude. Cosmetic railgun rails? I think you’re on to something.