Feedback on weapon thumbnails

For me, the weapon thumbnails in the backpack screen are less than informative. I have to actually click on many items to see what type they are.
Shotguns in particular, the shotty thumbnails don’t say shotgun to me, they look like pistols or ARs. And since sort by type doesn’t do anything I can tell (I could be wrong on this, but I can’t see it doing anything) I end up clicking a lot.

I know exactly what you mean. They just don’t have any recognizability anymore. I thought I picked up a rad sniper rifle but it was actually just a rocket launcher.
I never thought it’d be possible to make that identification mistake but it happened

Yep. I have a Jacobs sniper rifle and an assault rifle that look virtually identical to each other in their thumbnail in the inventory. Makes fast selecting impossible, I have to stop and compare to see which is which.