Feedback post buffs Grenade damage still not enough?


I feel like.some pistol shots even ar shots do more damage than a whole grenade.

Yayaya… Utlitiy… Buffs ase.slot… Righto
Not everyone uses utility grenades. Fastball got buffed but still cant kill trash mobs with 1 bar.

How do yall feel about grenade damage?

This is different for flak but it requires a certain build


Honestly I feel like all Grenades need to do at least 150% more damage and some need even more than that. I understand not wanting the moze nade spam meta for killing back I do but I also don’t want them to end up being something you equip for stats and never use. Nades are supposed to be powerful, yeah a M16 does dmg but have you seen a frag?!

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PuppyOfDoom I’m all about Grenades. The stronger the better. I’m a grenade guy

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Yeah id like a Grenade to be able to kill a trash mob maybe one day in the mayhem future.
And i don’t mean 1 or 2 with a special build

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Grenades definitely need a complete buff. Other than Ghast Call and Lightspeed (which you still need to “build” around), grenades are only for utility.

I think grenades need an insane buff but I think grenade skills need a tiny penalty remember they don’t require you to use grenades so basically it would be infinite insane damage or big damage so I feel maybe with these skills a well thought out so many % damage reduction