[Feedback] QOL bank feature

Absolutely love the game and the whole franchise. One of the side effects of being a fan and sinking decent amounts of hours into this game is that you accumulate guns, shields and artifacts that you don’t relaly want to let go of, especially with all the different combos you can come up with.

Now that our bank is up to 400 slots (thanks btw, massive improvement, don’t need mules anymore), the problem is now with item management. In all fairness I’m not sure how many people use the type/rarity/score and manufacturer sorting options. When you have close to 400 items in one place it becomes a bit tricky, especially when you have 30 redistributors and you’re trying to one with a particular roll or annoint to match your new build idea.

My suggestion is to add filters and set the bank up like a report. Even just two filters such as Weapon Type (i.e. AR, RL, SMG, etc) and Annointment (this would be absolutely amazing) would make a world of difference.

I understand that as an end user I have no visibility or understanding of how the back end is pieced together, and in reality this might be something that cannot be achieved without major changes and rework. However if this is something that could be added to your backlog and considered as part of your prioritisation sessions that would be amazing.

Here is my rubbish attempt to illustrate what I mean - whether its a drop down with radio buttons, or whatever else. I’m not a UX guy so no idea how this would best be implemented, but the concept of filtering would make the whole thing even more enjoyable than it already is:
Bank filters|690x388


As far I can say it’s not worth typing so much and asking GBX for help. I wrote so many times about this and other things in the game and there were no responses from GBX.

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just an additional default basic sorting by base item name would be great, because sorting by type is not good enough. I hate it when for instance shields are all mixed : a transformer lost in the middle some others grouped etc…

Agreed, made 2 topics full of QoL suggestions and only a handful of those actually made it in-game :thinking:

And bank filters is one of the first points I made and took into the second topic…

I mentioned how the bank would become increasingly convoluted when the game released. It had 50 shared then.

Far too many for a shared bank. Not enough for personal storage.

Over a year later. No Sorting Feature. No (by Character) sorting Nothing. Just a jumbled mess.

I bet the ! mark is still on all the items when opening the bank. That too has been the case since launch.

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Gearbox HATES the shared bank, and only grudgingly gave us the pathetic excuse for one we have now. I doubt they have any intention of making it easier to use (or of devoting developer resources to it). Hell, we’re lucky we have more than 8 backpack slots…

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Also, we really, really need a “sell from bank” option

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The fact they couldn’t even provide a proper stash, with multiple pages to help you sort your loot, shows how out of touch they are with their fanbase and the genre in general.

Asked for this ages ago, and despite it being something so basic and that should’ve been added ever since they expanded the stash, they’re still pretending it’s not an issue…

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I get the feeling that GBX is more enamored of their own “Bazillion Guns” hype than the vast bulk of the players are. If the focus is supposed to be picking up and using new gear whenever it drops, then the idea of saving the gear in a bank becomes counter-productive. How can you possibly experience the bazillion guns if you keep using the same ones over and over?

Hence the creation of Arms Race as a mode that forces you to use random, lower tier gear.

All that being said, I am in favor of anything that makes using the bank easier. I also acknowledge that the bank itself becomes a clutter magnet, so the more slots available the more will simply get filled. Personally, I use it like a Trophy Wall (the one that they give you in your ship quarters is nice and all, but woefully inadequate). What I really want is two separate stashes. One for stuff I plan to use and one for stuff I want to collect for the sake of collecting.

Maybe they could give Marcus a wall where you add Legendaries and Uniques for showing off. You turn them in to him and he puts them on display with running totals and such to show you how much you have collected. You can then get achievements, etc. for completing certain groupings or whatever. This gives players who like to collect gear something to do as an endgame goal. And if you don’t make it shared, then that gives each new character something to shoot for as well.

Anywho, that is my rambling response.

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