Feedback: Splitscreen

I am sure you have already heard this, but can you please fix splitscreen? My wife and I played all the Borderlands together split screen and they were perfect. The layout in Battleborn makes it difficult to play. The bar on the left where the minimap, score, etc is unnecessary. The minimap on the top right would be fine and the match score in the middle on the split wouldn’t be distracting. As it is now, it limits the field of vision quite a bit and makes everything smaller than necessary. We have a 55" tv and even with that we find it very hard to ready the abilities. Can you please resolve this issue for all your split screen players?

Thank you for making fantastic games, keep up the amazing work!

55 inch TV? What split-screen will you be doing? :wink:
But this still seems pretty annoying if it is broken. Hopefully a new patch will fix it?

Hehe, yeah its a large TV. Though compared to what they are selling now, I guess not so much. My wife and I play a lot of split screen. Right now we play both VS and Story.

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This is what I mean. It takes up almost a third of the screen.

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I know what you mean more now. Yeah that’s annoying. Some people think the patch is downloadable, but whether or not it fixes this I don’t know.