Feedback/Suggestions from an xbox player (lvl 48)

Sorry if some of the numbers may seem inaccurate, but I’m typing this without having access to battleborn on xbox, it seems as though the servers may be experiencing some problems currently.

Is there a reason for not getting experience for capturing thrall points with multiple people? I could kill a thrall and someone could just run to the platform before I do and get the 100xp reward. This discourages me from wanting to help others capture a point faster, if there is no exp reward. I also find myself having to compete with others, making sure I’m on the platform first when my teammates help me out.

I played about 10 Kelvin games and think he is a solid character. I just find it to be pretty frustrating when trying to hunt down or retreat using his sublimation. You could easily get stuck it you get caught in a corner and try to maneuver backwards or around it. I’m just asking for a little for smoother maneuverability when making those sharp turns or getting out of a corner.

I think it would be nice if I could get some visuals on my stats being affected from the items I’ve bought and stat changing helixes. Such as the cooldown perk coupled with a cooldown item. For example a skill the has a 20sec cooldown and my perks, along with items shows how many seconds are being taken off, 20secs(-5) with 25% cooldown total.

Having item procs on screen would also be solid so I could see my items in use. Having a timer for those who have the +100hp item after 180secs without dying (I believe that’s the description). Another one could be your attack damage item icon showing when you proc the secondary stat. It would just be nice if we could see what is working, to see if it actually works with what one is trying to accomplish.

On a semi related note, showing the buffs that people give to others would be cool. I also played with Reyna and she has a buff for those who get shielded, also have a +16% damage boost while the shield is active. Also for self buffs that are gained through skill usage, that would pop up for yourself.

I have seen it mentioned already, but for those who play supports, it would be nice to have health bars on the side/bottom of the screen. It would make it less of a hassle when trying to heal/make a clutch save for a teammate. Actually, this does not have to be for the supports, this would be nice for everyone to know, just so they know the condition of their team.

I believe the pings are too subtle. Maybe it’s just people don’t pay attention to their map or that they don’t want to listen. But, I would like a smite like callout system that could be implemented with Nova giving out the commands people choose. Such as press the middle lane, attack the thralls, RECALL (hahahaha), etc.

With as much information the statistics screen gives out, I think it would be nice to see thrall summoned, just like how minions are counted. It may seem tricky since it would be tough to read the stats if mutiple people are summoning a thrall, but if the 100exp reward is working as intended, just let that person get the point for the thrall. I believe this would show the teams how proactive and objectively sound people are and it could show the difference between winning and losing when making sure to capture the alps and not letting them loiter.

That’s about all I can think of at this moment and Will update it if I find something else out. The lobbies or my connection seems to be down at the moment, since it has been trying to connect me for the past hour. So I may be done with this game until release which can’t come soon enough. I had a great time and hope this games does very well.



Moved your thread to the beta feedback category.
Thanks for your input!