[Feedback] The Heliophage - Advanced - Far too much health

We just spent the last 70 minutes rolling up against the brick wall that is the Heliophage on Advanced with 5 people.

Each boss took around 15 minutes to kill just from standing and unloading ultimates and everything into their heads. It wasn’t fun, it wasn’t engaging, or skill based, it was boring. Taking 15 minutes to chip away a health bar isn’t interesting or fun in any form. We wasted 70 minutes on this thing, with a really competent group too, and wiped with Rendain at 50% HP, as we had just become exhausted to the point of distraction.

Some severe adjustments need to be made to the story mode difficulties or this game is going to continue to dissuade people. I own the game on 2 systems, and am already unwilling to play it again after that experience.

Absolutely agree. That size of health pool doesn’t add difficulty, just adds time and opportunities to get salty aneurism-level frustrated.

Ran Heliophage Advanced with a pretty high sustained dps group (Oscar Mikes, ISIC, Montana, Ambra heals), all friends on teamchat. About halfway through each boss’s health we just…got bored. At that point, we get the mechanics, we’re either going to have wiped or we’re set to clear the boss cleanly so there’s no learning the fight mechanic. Just…chipping away at a massive health pool. Slowly.

The second problem other than just the raw time component is the frustration piece. Between collision issues and knockbacks and the nature o healing in this game, the longer the fight goes on the more frustrating moments build up.

For this reason, none of my friends have gone back to do Heliophage Advanced, despite enjoying the other Advanced modes pretty regularly.