Feedback to Devs: ✅Suggesting Additions to the game to help, New things. To SELL the Game / Not discussing current Overtalked on issues❌

Hey there if i ever catch a Devs :eye: or a friendly player who just wants to add cool stuff to the game.

Some ideas and reasons:

:money_with_wings: So everything i suggest would only serve to draw players in because it looks and feels fun!
:dollar: and more players is Money :heavy_dollar_sign: in the bank! :bank:

Everybody should have melee talents :slight_smile: slide, and maybe a way to get more airborne. Game could use some extra stuff to make it truely adding more So heres some Ideas:

  1. This could be as simple as combining some talents to make room for very unique and cool melee/slide airborne launching talents. Talents could increase slide time and not just damage but have utility effects unique to each character? Imagine all 4 sliding.

  2. :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: We could have existing artifacts do more than just be one thing. In example. A rocketboots in addition to its slide also allow the player to limitedly double jump? This allows non low gravity areas which are the majority of the game to see some fun.

  3. :diamonds: Random Artifacts which are a combination or prefixes or increase by a factor of one or more the amount of prefixes an artifact can hold?

  4. :globe_with_meridians: Shields having more prefixes or additional slots for variance. Like a rough rider could have multivitamin adaptive fleeting sprinting etc. Card says roughbrider and 3 more effects.

  5. :boom: Grenades having more and crazier rolls. Id like to see a homing dividing cloning jumping singularity hex that explodes Or shoots bullets? Or blights? Why not its Borderlands. I think the crazyness of whats available should make the game more interesting ans addictive.

  6. :rainbow: New and old manufacturers, new elements or at least new colors for all of our weapons that go pewpew. So we arent being limited to light blue, bluer blue, green, pukey Yellow, red. Maybe throw. Some pink beams in there. Magenta purple. Black stuff? I really do miss slag colors. Not slag as a necessary concept but just the look! Its weird that its just up n gone. It could always do other stuff. existing brand doing every type of gun

  1. :convenience_store: High end game content Shops. :sparkles: I really enjoyed seraph shops alot! I enjoyed the variety and reliability of a place to get my stuff from.

  2. :space_invader: Gigantic Monsters and encounters like the rakk hive really felt so epic! I wanna refeel that thrill.
    Id have like to take on the agonizer’s whole giant frame on foot if i could instead Of a car. Gigantic robots. Enemies that truely look and feel like they deserve to be bullet sponges.

  3. :snowflake: + :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: + :fire: Elemental cross combos? Having each character have a better version of an element dmg wise or additional effects Amara Electricity or?, FLak Corrosive or Rad. Moze Fire, Zane cryo. Things from bl2

  4. :question: A new rarity that isnt legendary or actually unique. Its just very random guns chock full to rhe brim with random parts that do random things and can be on par with legendarys damage roll wise.
    Like can i get a random gun that shoots out 3 or 4 or 5 energy balls and comes with a 100 round mag and it randomly has trick shot as a truely random roll. All the craziest borderlands and the parts system has to offer? Maybe we find a random unbalanced 2 shot very high damage sniper rifle that takes forever to reload and has an alt fire that is a flame thrower. Etc.
    Its basically Beyond purple? But not unique? Like how purples used to be valid but with more parts.
    People could have endless fun with this.

  5. :one_piece_swimsuit: Maybe add additional equipment slots? Not guns maybe two more artifacts? Different groups? Airborne n slide, melee artifact, general artifact? Balance is has. Never really been a concern when it comes to playing this game its about becoming op and slaying stuff.

:dollar: Everything i said will sell the game more if ppl see these cool features:moneybag:.

:rocket: Imagine they see a moze running sliding splattering stuff sliding rocmets flying out and thrn double jumping seeinga glow by the feet shooting a rocket at an enemy and slamming for all sortsa weird effects.

ITS ABOUT FUN! :heart:


I’d like if all the manufacturers made all of the gun types. But I especially think it’s weird that CoV doesn’t make shotguns.

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I think about that all the time! They could make a legit flamethrower with goood reach of course… shudders thinking about longmusket

But yeah id like a heavy chain shotgun that sprays lead down range ina general direction wasting ammo like no ones business.

Some COV launcher function as flamethrowers, or acid spitters, or some sort of this things, so it’s really redundant atm.

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Yeah i tried playing with them but they were really bad

Soo i dunno what to say about those they dont have effective legendary counterparts

Maybe if cov had a shotgun itd be more balanced out and work better at least.

Id like shotgun that maybe spits out volleys of lead. On some weird pewpew likeness

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I honestly am baffled that COV didn’t come with any shotguns in this game. The psychos are like hillbillies of the galaxy and what is the iconic weapon of hillbillies? Shotguns!

After GBX has sorted out all the games issues, and released the 4th DLC I would hope they introduce Headhunter packs that would increase the number of weapon types among all the manufacturers, i.e. COV shotguns, Hyperion Pistols, Tediore Rocket Launchers, etc.

These add-ons could give you the choice to activate the various weapons manufactures’ expansions for additional weapon types (like activating/deactivating Cartels) during your play through so you can decide to do full allegiance runs for new play-throughs, or deactivate to not dilute your other drops.

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Very good! I added your suggestion to my op quotinf you. Thats a great idea. A way tonengage the player base in revisiting areas also. They should jjst add ir to the base game anywho. Seeing theyre adding to rhe regular world which feels… Tame and at peace would help alot