Feedback to Devs: suggesting better Damage values for effective guns m10 general legendarys

I believe we need to give feedback to the devs because the last update is making me wonder what are they thinking… None of the buffs are even effective. at m10 the damage boost are under par.

This effectively leaves out balance of M6+ exclusives
Im talking about the other couple hundred items that are now considered very ineffective

I believe the slowest ars need to be around 15-20k damage to be ok and the median lowest 4k.-6k damage. Superfast ones like the monarch are fine. But all others need buffs.

The lowest smgs should be woukd be 3k also. With great ones being 6k and even 7k

Snipers… The lowest damage period should be 20k.
They should be doing around 40k… The best ones.
My sandhawk does 9258x7 im effectively over 60k

Launchers should be in the 35k- 90k range

Most pistols just need a whole 1-2k damage tacked on

They really need to buff the living crap outta all snipers.

Outside of the anarchy and lob all shotguns are jokes and garbage right now. Minus stuff like the stagecoach anointed with amp and torgue stickys with swap exploits. Which shouldnt be a thing but itsa relic since bl2.

Across the board they need double their effective damage that they have right now.

You need weapons miniscule effective at least able to kill without anoints and a super special build. Even with the best anoints these general legendarys underperform

This game cannot be balanced around Amara doing all 4-5 elements in super captain planet mode.

Players are not doing that level of damage you see on youtube videos. Those guys have perfect rolled +damage gear, anoints and traded shields like the oneshotter. Which is effective 100% amp damage every second.


Shotguns are truly forgettable
Even if you manage to kill something faster than with a SMG, you won’t have ammo for the next enemy XDDDDDD

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Even with godroll equip and highly specialized build are only 2 shotguns worth using reflux+recursion.
both are not the best options when playing co-op (except you are the host and don’t care about kicking your friends from game)
The game feels to me like, they messed up something with the hp and shield scaling of the enemies. Like they messed up the scaling of loot chance (+2500%) last patch. in the other direction of course. One time can happen two times seems to me like incompetence.

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good point. I forgot to word im leaving out m6 exclusives. The brainstromer is weak. The recursion requires a special setup x2 of anoints multiple enemies etc. The reflux is a mayhem exclusive and is scaled properly.

Ok if you point out the m6 variants you’re right. When I compare them with the old weapons they are truly overperforming and have to be nerfed :rofl:
Heard laughing should be the best method to handle frustration :weary:
To get on topic and suggest something about the dmg issue, I would buff the wpn dmg ofall non m6 only and non cartell weapons by 75% and some really underperforming ones by 100%. Then I would also increase the dmg enemies deal the higher the mayhem lvl gets(to make sure it gets more difficult the higher you get even when you get stronger and do more dmg).
Maybe the enemies one or two shot you on m10,but you can do this also. And if you don’t want to get one hitted then take cover or evade. It should be very difficult on m10 for everyone even when you have God roll equip.
If any weapon then overperforms GBX can do what they love most :wink:

I believe i was two shotted by two spinners today. Somethings scaling. Lol…

It’s very hard to believe that recursion and reflux are garbage.
Rob is a piece of trash that we no longer have any use for.

Whats Rob?

Brain not working… I just killed eista the invicible and got 4 greens. 4 exact greens.

Alsonthe reflux is.m6 all the m6 weapons seemed balanced i edited the op to reflect im leaving them.out.

Tye recursion have strange amount of good damage on the card
I seen ??? x2? It works wirh ase’s yes. Do i think its over powered? Only on Amara but shes reached the damage cap already.

Highest recursion is 7707 x2 thats the spooling projectile recursion with 7 mag
Flak can use it as good as amara

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I must be going blind i just did grave warden and thought it said 11000 recursion. So i figured it could x2.

It was probably 7700 like u said.

I dont use it or like it since i found the plaguebearer.

Figured itncould be x2

Just had a 11000 version.

I guess it. Loses damage when its x2 then?

I dunno i see this garbage all day in all kindsa forms. I wouldnt waste my life shooting it unless i was amara.

Not really, at least not if you get close enough. I’ve propably lobbed more enemies to death than SMGed.

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Yeah im excludong the lob. Anarchy and m6+ exclusives in the op.

they really need a standard for gun buff , let say if a gun cant kill at reasonable time with entire skill tree + a good com +25% damage then its automatically underpowered.

The only weapon category where x2 parts are added and no damage is lost is heavy weapons
Recursions lose -30% damage when x2 parts are added

gearbox can not balance this guys you have seen the time they had and what they came up with

on the other hand shadowdevil and guys :d they can do it


yea lobbed
try the trevonator, red line, slow hand, cc, butcher…

When using the recursion you want as many projectiles as possible. Mean x2 + elemental ASE’s.

Id say double every piece of crap in this game but the m6exclusive/cartel etc. At m10.

Im jjst terribly unhapoy they had all this time and they onky looked at 8 smgs. Id say all of em are crap. Ppl say the b1tch is ok. I say its crap still but hell if you wann waste 3 -4clips ona normal mob and think its viable be my guest.

I dont wanna have to live with ase spam to be viable. But thats how it is.
Fade away flak with fast cd/refresh. Ase spam.
Zane hes a hitman but to hell with sntnl cryo ur going ase spam.
Amara… Lmfao the only person with options but yeah
Ase spam.
Moze… Hop out life bruh! Poor iron bear is garbage for ase spam.

I don’t like the state of the game.
I’m very dissapoi ted in the devs after all this tine they only figured 8 smgs… And theyre still bad.

They think we’re really gonna go sliding and airborne… We dont even have and launch ourselves in the air talents or moves. This isnt tps! Sliding without a special artifact is actually slow 3 seconds max and harder to aim. We dont have sliding talents.

Everyone but amara does not have any effective melee talents so… Dont even mention flaks middle tree…

Im really truely heavily dissapointed and quite upset. But instead of screaming i wanna give as much feedback as possible. I feel theyre not.lustening though if thata all.they come up with so im hoping if we have many many many

Many amot.hyuge amount if topics on the same.subject and hopefully mods dont cluster us all together to be collectively ignored.

We’ll garner enough attention…thats its an issue.

Maybe even forumlate a common feedback.

It was effective to do a.mass feedback on loot they kept trying… Bow it seems they re nerfed in other areas such as ppl lvling up now…

And ppl getting no new leggos in the new takedown.

At least we can have soem buikd variety if they fix leggos across the board.

The games horrible right now.

I agreed with ur first paet because after all this time… Im in oanic move. Whi ia shadowdevil etc? Any links? Ill gladly bump their forum abd keave mine to die if they have great ideas or the same sorta topic

We need more ppl discussing it instead of leaving the game.