Feedback to Overall Game... + Some Issues I'm Having

Game Feedback Points:

  • Legendaries drop more than babies from MTV’s 16 & Pregnant - which makes them not so… legendary? (#BringBackPearlescents)

  • IDK if no one is playing this game on PC or if all their lobbies are closed - But can never seem to find anyone to T-Bag Ellie with using the in-game matchmaking

  • Storyline was nowhere near as cool to play and follow as the other games & characters are not memorable like my boy Scooter (This is obviously something that can’t be changed now… unless?)

  • The fact that when there is a DLC it is just re-skinned characters from the Base Game with ‘Funny’ names and a storyline that has the same quality as a ‘Where’s Waldo Book’… (This really makes me feel like I wasted my money on the Season pass & that the Devs do not even try)

  • General missions and quests are so similar and repetitive to each other I might as well do one mission and call it done…

I genuinely do love the Borderlands series, have over played this game way too much and hate, hating on it - but it really has been a let down… I literally built a $4000 PC to play this as soon as I heard it was announced (As my old PC was a Breville Toaster) and I could have spent the money and time on hookers, as they would have at least guaranteed me a good time. I also should note that I never post in these things - but Blands is one of my most played and favourite games that I would like to try and get my feedback out to make a difference and I know not all are going to agree.

Suggestions and Issues I’ve had (Slightly OCD things):

  • Exclamation marks on locations - When looking at the map, the little yellow exclamation marks that usually indicate there’s a newly discovered area that hasn’t been seen yet appears to locations I have seen + when hovering over all of them to get rid of them - they just come back next time I load in the game.

  • When in Map, binding the ESC button to actually go backwards/Orbit View as the amount of times I have pressed ESC and just gone back to FPS is getting ridiculous.

  • Even with a fairly spec’d out PC this game does not run smooth at all, which could be due to it being more optimized to AMD? (I have Intel & Nvidia).

  • The button that displays what you have to press in order to change your Weapon Skin is no longer showing for me, and made me almost go crazy because I forgot it after coming back to this game after a while.

Hopefully the Dev homies read this and take it in - Otherwise I’m personally calling their grandmothers and having a word with 'em.


Even on xbox it is still crashing to home screen. Then I have to wait for craptraps stupid dance for 15 mins. By now ui should be smooth on every platform but they keep pushing on like they have deadlines. What’s the hurry!

I’m lucky if I get to see him dance longer than 3 seconds :sweat_smile:

This took me MONTHS to get the hang of lol

Is yours really that quick?! If so what internet equipment are you using please? I might have a problem.

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On my XB1-S it’s a solid 2 minutes with 0 exaggeration


Er, I’m on pc, should’ve prefaced. I just have a thing where I try to motivate people to make the jump to PC, sorry!! :sweat_smile:

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MAAAAN come on lol, was getting excited. Would like to build a pc, coworker did and seems solid but not the right time for me to invest in.


Yeah same here give or take a minute. I exaggerated a bit.

Haha, yeah it for sure is an investment. Depending on what you do, I watch alot of youtube and play games but I can also supplement my work load with it which came in handy when we were working from home.
I’m gonna opt to get a ps5 this year too since all microsoft exclusives are going to be on PC as well. Something to think about :slight_smile:

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Claptrap screen would not be sped up by a better internet connection. It’s game initialization. The only way to speed it up is with a faster hard drive (preferably solid state) and faster CPU. Original XB1 is painfully slow - I go make a cup of tea while it does its thing.

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Was under that impression too but wondered if i missed something. I do the same when its loading literally, usually a rest room break :grin:. Thanks

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All of the load times increased dramatically with the DLC 3 patch. It’s painful on my Xbox One X.

I have a decent computer but I prefer to game on console now.

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They are worse. I knew it wasnt me.

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Yea, pc here as well. I didn’t know the claptrap dance was a loading thing??? He just comes on the screen and waves once or twice and then the game moves on to the next screen lol

This convo reminds me of a video that popped up in my YT feed the other day. Not my platform, but the load screen seems similar.

What is this claptrap screen people are talking about? Are they talking about him doing random things in the background while on the main menu screen where you select your character?

On console, there is a loading screen when starting the game up where CL4P-TP goes across the screen waving and such. It takes long enough they added a loading bar to let us know it is, in fact loading and lot on an endless loop.

Good thing for console players is ps5/xbox are right around the corner, at least with ps5 load times should be neglible

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We can only hope lol