Feedback: Vehicles post-DLC3


having completed some test runs with vehicles in Skittermaw Basin after the balance patch and DLC3, I think vehicles still seem to need a bit of finetuning to be viable in M10.

  • Against the Technicals in SB, every vehicle I drive seems to be armored with wet noodles. And it doesn’t matter if you outfit it with heavy or light armor, or no armor at all. Fighting against another vehicle will leave your car either under 30% health or destroyed. Either there is something wrong with armor, or we need massively more hitpoints.

  • Against non-vehicle weapons, a vehicle dies rather quick… much faster than on Normal vs. a player with Normal weapons. It’s the same issue if I get shot while driving a vehicle, or if I’m on foot shooting at an enemy car. Again: vehicle health or armor needs to get buffed by a good amount.

  • Vehicle weapon damage vs. other vehicles is good, no change needed here.

  • Vehicle ram damage is good, too.

  • Vehicle damage vs. non-vehicle enemies could use a buff, though. If I compare it to Normal mode, we could use about 30% more damage here. This would not be so much of an issue if your car wouldn’t blow up so quickly.

I’d like to hear other opinions on this matter. :grinning:


When I got the vehicle in the new DLC I ran into a couple of the enemies riding dinosaurs. I’m pretty sure they use pillows for vehicle armor because mine was destroyed easily.

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Vehicles are awful. Terrible.

They can’t take any damage. Most of the time the challenge is to just get out of the damn things before they explode forget fighting in them. Even getting out of them about half the time they explode as collateral damage in any fight. I am not kidding when I say this, they need like a 5x health boost and wouldn’t be shocked if 10x was the right number.

They output almost no damage. Even against melee type foes I could kite without taking damage I would take me so long to kill them it is never worth it. The cannon weapon In particular is spectacularly useless.

They are so bad I actually prefer fast traveling on the map and then walking the last stretch.


The jetbeasts freeze in place when shot :frowning: this shouldnt be happening

actually, we shouldnt be able to be frozen period

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Thats really bad. Vehicles dont scale right in mayhem to survive still

The same happened to me. I first thought it was a bug…

Garbage before the patch, garbage after. I mean, it’s not like everyone complained about this issue since, gee, BL2 and at least the intro of MH2.0? Oh, wait…

They always put epic vehicle scenes in trailers and then run out of attention to give them in the actual game :expressionless:
BL4 should get rid of vehicles entirely at this point, and figure out some other traversal that is on foot, a jetpack or grappling hook or something, or a mount that isn’t intended for combat.

Still not using a vehicle…

they allways sucked so…

I think one of the major issues is, that the cyclone really is the only viable vehicle. It’s just so much faster and harder to hit.
The Technical needs a considerable speed and acceleration buff because having the extra health doesn’t seem to help.
I also feel like Cryo, specifically enemy cryo is overpowered against vehicles. One shot and they basically can’t move anymore at all, whereas enemy vehicles still seem to be faster than the basic running speed even when slowed down.

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Oh, one point I forgot: make yourself a joke and try to hijack a vehicle now on M10. I didn’t make it… either I destroy it with my Cryo weapon while trying to slow it down, or it is blown up instantly by its passengers as soon as I enter it.